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Member Since 23 Dec 2014
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New Shoes

28 February 2017 - 06:19 PM

Recently sold the Weld Front Skinnies, and decided to keep the 17x8 wheel that I ran in the rear and moved to the front on M&H tires (26/8.50R17). Based on the ride/look im going for this year and being a huge M&H fan, I wanted to run a slightly wider front tire to drive on the streets vs. hoosier front runners; but still keep that skinny tire offset look which is why I went with that specific M&H tire.

For the rears, I will be running the JMS Avenger Black Diamond Cut wheels on a 325/45R17 M&H Radial. Got them mounted today and they’re not too bad looking especially for the price. I’m figuring I will need to do some fender rolling, so I also bought these two tools & a heat gun; just in case.

Price per wheel: $251.00 (per wheel)
Approximate Bare Wheel Weight: 25 lbs
Part Number: A-1710-626DB
Wheel Diameter: 17.0 inch
Wheel Width: 10.0 inch
Wheel Material: Aluminum
Backspacing: 6.26 inch
Offset: +20mm
Wheel Bolt Pattern: 5 x 115mm

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Wts: *used* Forged Aluminum Weld Rt-S Wheels

22 August 2016 - 06:05 PM

I am looking to sell my Weld RT-S wheels (specs below) and tires. Three of the wheels have nicks on the inner part of the wheel due to attempting to fit on friends car. Purchased new, rears were $500 & fronts were $480 a piece. Looking to sell them all at $1400 o.b.o.

Willing to split up front or rear set. Shipping will be from San Antonio, TX (zip 78229, buyer responsible for shipping cost).

Weld Racing 17x8 Black Center- Polished Rim Rear 71MB7080W53a
Wheel Width (in): 8.000 in.
Backspacing (in): 5.3 Back Sp.
Offset: +20 Offset
Bolt pattern: 5x115

Weld Racing 17x4.5 Black Center- Polished Rim Front 71MB7045W22A
Wheel Width (in):4.500 in.
Backspacing (in): 2.2 in.
Bolt pattern: 5x115



I also have a used set of rear Hoosier slicks that I will include for $100 a piece. And one front skinny tire for $50. Rear Tread life ends at bottom mark of black line.

Hoosier Drag Front & Rear Slicks
28/10-17 & ​​​​27.5/4.5-17

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Differential Options

22 August 2016 - 01:58 PM

Recently, when removing the transmission to inspect my clutch issues, we noticed fluid leaking from the differential housing. Not to sure if issue is geared more towards axle side openings or driveshaft opening of differential housing. Any ideas as to what's going on internally before I open it up later in future?


What options am I looking at here to fix this? Should I just be looking at rebuild kits or new? If new, would like to put 4.10 gears but idk how this gearing would be for drag strip launches and nitrous. It's complete new area of learning for me.

I don't mind spending money, just not looking to spend it all at once for this type of issue unless needed. I'm assuming it would be ok for daily driving for now, but would like to get parts moving/on order to fix.

If needed to help with recommended parts, would like parts/build strong for my future end result/goal: 600-700hp. 6spd/M

Preciate any help from you guys

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