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    Remember the hero's who made this country free

    Service members, police , first responders , and all those who made us free. Screw the president who is trying to erase everything the hero's did while hiding . Actually I'll say it FUCK biden.
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    Remember the hero's who made this country free

    I have moved to Fl. In a one bedroom apt until the house is completed. Really liking Ft Myers/Cape Coral.
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    Remember the hero's who made this country free

    Where the fuck have you been Greg? I salute the heroes that built this country, we owe them our life! Biden is a pedophile and a puppet.
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    Challengerclick.com is available

    Old timers remember the reason for this forum? Challenger click Well we started the forum at Challengerclick.com, and then changed to modernmoparforum.com sometime soon after it started to include all the modern Mopars, not just Challengers. After I got a renewal notice today for another 5 year renewal, I stopped that shit, we don't use it to redirect anymore as most don't even know it existed. So, you can be the proud owner of Challengerclick.com, just call godaddy.
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    Code P0300 misfire code on car with 21k miles?

    They're have a lot of issues with this code on the Jeep V6 engines too. They usual cure is replacement.
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    Yeah, my life doesn't revolve around these Forums bud so maybe you should focus your life on more important matters & not what I'm doing on here!!!
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    You kinda just proved my point when it took you 4 months to even realize I left a comment [emoji23] Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
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    Tesla Truck

    Too funny Sent from my SM-A102U using Tapatalk