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  1. Just so everyone knows - if you look at a Mopar '10 - the rear brace is made by REM and you can order it direct from Mopar as well. http://www.speedlogixstore.com/product_p/p5155751.htm is: http://www.speedlogixstore.com/product_p/sx-lxlc-rst4.htm And the only reason the Mopar 11 and ups use a different one is because Chrysler didn't realize REM made the Arched versions as well. Now, I know this is about Front Braces...but Mopar obviously liked our Rear Brace enough to use it I still stand behind - why drill into something that is bolted into something else? Why not cut the middle man out and bolt right to the car? Every way I see it - four points of solid connection to the car will always be better than bolting into something that is then bolted into something else I am not an engineer or anything like that so I can only go off what I see. In a side to side motion - a bar that is connected to the car in four points (solid connections) will out perform a bar that is only bolted into another brace that is bolted onto the car. Now, the Mopar brace will help the cars integrity - I just don't see it doing a better job than the design we use in the long run.
  2. I know I am bias But for the most performance - you want the most connections to the body of the car. Like our bar does - all the other bars bolt to a bar that bolts to the car. I say remove the middle man - bolt right to the car !
  3. You could always get in touch with Johan from Diablosport. He will be able to help you as well.
  4. Thanks Just let me know how I can help and I will be happy to! Mikey
  5. Vortech does not have a Tune, but we have used Johan to do the tuning for the customers on any kit we sell.
  6. Nothing wrong with using a BAP - in fact one comes with the Vortech Kit. If it is installed correctly you will not have any issues. Kirs (SRT8U) has over 50k on his Vortech kit with a Boost a Pump. We have installed and sold many Vortech kits on stock block 5.7 Challengers and did NOT add more than a BAP and Fuel injectors...not a single one blown up.
  7. Welcome BT!! You guys make killer stuff! Heidi and her staff have one of the best customer service and manufacturering departments in the country!
  8. That is interesting. I know they engrave in house as I have seen them do it.
  9. You told you that? Because it is incorrect. Engraves are done in-house. Only things not done in house are Polishing/Anodizing.
  10. BT makes great products - they do take a little longer to get because of the work they do. It is worth the wait. One thing I can say for sure - they make all of their products in house. I have been to their place many times and seen where the parts are made (And seen the parts in the process of being made). The only thing not done in house is the Anodizing. But they are not a "Made in China" or "Drop Ship" company at all.
  11. LMAO!! Thats great haha
  12. Looks fantastic!!!!!!! Thanks for the business
  13. Hey Andy, When did you call here? I apologize no one called you back. I will check with everyone here to see if they got your message. We do have a K Member in stock - it weighs 17.5 lbs with sway bar mounts and is fully FEA tested. Let me know if you are looking for one! Can ship as early as tomorrow! Mikey
  14. If this helps: Trinity screen size is - 3 x 2 Intune is: 2.5 x 1.75
  15. I don't think MMM has an infuation with Lambo doors. This article is from the YOUR story section where readers write their own story and submit it to the online site for MMM MMM didn't seek them out to make this article. It is the same as if you wrote your own story and sent it to MMM
  16. I would say it is going to be like how the Predator does it on datalogging but possibly be prettier. And easier to hold Like the PIDs listed on the left side of the screen while the data being displayed on the right side of the screen. Until I have seen it I will not know 100% to tell you exact. But that is what I am assuming it looks like.
  17. Just spoke with my contact at Diablo - while datalogging you can see the PIDs live - just not in gauge format like the Trinity.
  18. The Trinity still gives you the real time datalogging and all the 0-60 and 1/4 timers. While the inTune has a much bigger memory for datalogging. You can't watch it in real time like the Trinity. For now - yes.
  19. And drag/drop loading of updates or tunes (think of using a USB Drive). So no more DS Downloader. And its not plastic haha Not hating on the Trinity at all, I just think overall this unit is gonna be killer!
  20. Love the Trinity - but the inTune is an awesome piece of hardware.
  21. Here ya go! http://modernmoparforum.com/index.php/topic/3090-intune-pre-order-w-free-shipping-25-gas-card/
  22. Haven't had that problem with many of the units we have sold. The one time we did - was because the install was not done correct and customer/shop over tighten the top bolt causing it to snap. But to make it easier - that "problem" piece you are alluding too was changed - so the install is easier and that problem will not happen. Although the design is exactly the same as it has been for years on other performance vehicles and such before our change and they never seemed to have the problem. But we changed it to a stronger metal and different design to make it easier on everyone.
  23. We need to update our picture for it! Now both the 392 and 05-10 kits look like this: Only difference is the 05-10 cars use a 14mm bolt on the end of the steering rack while the 11 + cars have a 16mm bolt. The good thing with the bumpsteer kits - it replaces the tie rod end which is a common failure on the LX and LC cars
  24. Thanks Sam for posting the links! Difference mainly in our kit vs. Pedders - the Pedders basically moves the steering rack - ours leaves it alone and allows for adjustment based off stock geometry. It is the same idea that has been used for years on Bumpsteer kits on many other vehicles Let me know! We have these in stock and ready to go! Mikey
  25. Either way this statement - "Up until now, we have yet to see any of the 2012 SRT products on a chassis dyno." from the article is STILL true and not lies It doesn't say "Up until now, we have yet to see any of the new 392 products on a chassis dyno." <---That statement would be false And I could be wrong here...but seeing as the Charger Driveshaft is longer than the Challenger - wouldn't that equal to more drivetrain loss than the Challenger?