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  1. Well, what it looks like to me - this was done for the "Your Stories" section for the Magazine Website (See Here - http://www.modernmoparmagazine.com/wp/category/your-story/) So if you send your story in about your Modern Mopar (you write the article and send in the pics) it can be placed in that section. I don't think they sought out people for the section - just wanted more people to write in. Novel idea - but its not tied down to a certain type of Modern Mopar
  2. Replicas or OEM?
  3. Nah, unless he painted it DWB (no SRT Challenger was DWB till 2011). I think he changed a crap load of stuff...just not sure what it all was.... I don't think you can just take the power steering tank off the 2011 pump and reroute the hoses. I could be wrong though
  4. I have seen some with 431 rwhp
  5. Anyone notice the 2010 and below Coolant and power steering tank?
  6. Looks awesome!!! thanks for the pics
  7. Hey no worries Sam, Different Strokes for different folks Some people like that look, others don't
  8. With your budget, it is very doable. At 500 rwhp you would be ok on your transmission and half shafts (unless you are going to the track often with DRs). You have the Getrag with better axles from factory. If you are just street driving, unless something completely out of the ordinary happens (cause lets face it - nothing is 100% certain with cars ), you will be OK on your stock ones at the power you are looking at. Some people will tell you to upgrade your transmission. You can, but at the 500 rwhp range I have not seen one failure after the addition of a S/C. SRT8U has over 35k on his Vortech, over 75k on the stock motor and transmission and 09 Challenger R/T axles. He added a Stage II Valve Body around the 60k mark. Still going strong! He has been to the track (both Drag and Road Race) and still drives it everyday - 6 to 7 days a week - rain or shine! Where are you located? If you come down this way we can set you up with one of the best tuners out there for the Hemi Also, here is another option with the Vortech. You can go with Satin (save around $200) and powdercoat the tubing. One of our customers got it down to match his Brilliant Black Charger Thanks Mikey
  9. Supercharging is a great way to go IMO. Easiest/cheapest way to get to the 500 goal you are looking at. When picking a supercharger, its about what gets you to your goal the most efficient way possible. Start from - where do you want to take the car? Is it going to be a track warrior? Or just a fun street car. I understand looks are important, but I wouldn't start from that. Magnacharger, Vortech, Procharger are all great options. If you are ever thinking about upgrading in the future to a 392 or 426 - while the Magnacharger is a great unit - it does have its limits. It will work on those motors for sure, but it starts to lose its efficiency (if you want to go over 12 lbs of boost or so - correct me if I am wrong here guys ). Procharger and Vortech both have head units that will grow with your build. But again - do you ever see yourself building a 15+ PSI Supercharged monster? If you have any questions, I will be glad to help you out! Just give us a call at 1-888-SPD-LOGX! Thanks Mikey
  10. In case you want a serious answer I could try and sell you on a K&N CAI, but if it was me - I would either get a different brand or keep your drop in. Their CAIs are usually the last one I recommend (if at all) to my customers. OR Supercharge and be done
  11. Black with Mopar and M engraving
  12. Lug Nuts shipping out of here today (just boxed them up and placed a label on the box) and Center caps are shipping direct from BT tomorrow! We were going to ship them together (why we had not shipped the Lug Nuts yet) but decided to just drop from BT and get the lug nuts on their way! Thanks Mikey
  13. Hey Allen, I am actually going down there Monday morning. I will be inquiring on the status for you! Sorry they are taking so long! Mikey And sorry I didn't come back into this thread!
  14. Thats the ticket Yes sir! Any 8.8 gear you can throw in there Only weight savings done to the car have been passenger seat and rear seat (has our Rear Seat Delete Kit in there). Was close to the 9 sec. pass on the old rear...it just gave away on the launch
  15. Customer/friend. Has an Arrington 426 with a Direct Port nitrous system on it. He is our sponsered track car Old Pic: Flames are gone now though. Runs bigger rear tires at the track now as well. Quickest E.T. to date is 10.003...that was before the new rear. Dynoed at: 776RWHP/916Lbs TQ 300 shot Bolts right up. NO custom fabbing at all.
  16. No matter which system - you will be getting an email tune for the 5.7L. Get a Maggie/Vortech/KB it will be an email tune. But if someone competent in 5.7L VCT tuning that is behind the computer writing it, you will be safe bet. And most of the good tuners will allow you to datalog and send them the logs if you feel something is not right in the tune and they will adjust it for you.
  17. That is just the rear. It is a thing of beauty though. And he will never have to worry about the rear again. Edit: For 5k you get the diff, locker, axles, your choice of gears and driveshaft
  18. lol He would have already be in the 9s long ago!!!!!!! (did I just say that out loud )
  19. But we can all agree...... Supercharge and be done! Edit - I quoted to quick, agreed with your clarification as well hahaha
  20. Agreed 100%! We are on the same page there...that was my point too haha. Sorry if I got it jumbled there
  21. The 6.1 was not a comparison to this conversation at all. Was saying that as a point that the canned tunes nowadays have been good. I don't see me saying that tuning for a 6.1 and 5.7 are the same either !!! I know the 5.7L tuning is completly different...I talk to people all day long concerning this. I tell them - you want a good tune - contact Johan from Diablosport or AJ from Arrington. Both those guys can easily tune a 5.7L Challenger motor. And I wasn't trying to get in an argument with you. Just simply stating - if you have a competent tuner you can get a Vortech on a 5.7L Challenger running for a long time. I have not had a single one "pop" of the kits we have sold, we had Johan from Diablosport write a tune for it and they have been fine. And these were 8lb kits....not 6lbs like the ones that have blown or what the Magnachargers run stock. I wish I had an answer as to why Vortech doesn't have a canned tune for the 5.7L cars, I wish they did. But that doesn't mean they can't be easily put on for less money than the rest of the kits out there. Its all in the tune, plain and simple.
  22. While I agree there should be a Tune for the 5.7L Challenger from Vortech. But with the Vortech at least there isn't the same situation as the KB. Vortech bolts on with no issue (minus the Super Track Pack cars ) while the KB requires more work. If you have a competent tuner, getting a Vortech to run is no big issue. Magnachargers are great kits since you can just bolt it on and go, but their tunes aren't perfect either as some people are getting tunes again after installing it. I will say this though...most Mustang Kits - the tunes that came with them were only good enough to get you to a tuner (for the most part). I never suggested people to use that tune for everyday driving. The Mopar kits were the first to start coming with good tunes in the box. I am talking about kits that came from the Manufacturer's, not from performance shops who put kits together. SRT8U has the first production 6.1 Vortech kit installed...and has had it since May of 08...he is still running the tune that came with it from Vortech...and the car gets driven everyday.
  23. Yup, I will say I wish Vortech did have a tune for the 5.7L Challenger Cars. But we have been getting people in contact with Johan from Diablosport to do all of the tuning for any kit we sell. One thing with Mopars....every tuner under the sun thinks just because they can tune a Mustang or Camaro...that must mean they can tune a Mopar! HA Not even close In all actuality I think the list of guys that I would trust to tune a Mopar is pretty small
  24. I have sold so many 8 lb Vortech Kits for the 5.7L Challenger without any motors going...its seems funny to me that these 6lb kits are going. I have never sold a single 6 lb kit for a Challenger.
  25. Really? That puts a lot of people in danger actually Not to argue with you...just never seen them go at that level...and if you mean slow process being over 30k miles than I would agree. But most (that I have seen) start slipping at 525+