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Speedlogix Sales

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  1. VERY nice grille surround Love it!!!!!!
  2. Nice run Mike!!!! That is moving for sure!!!
  3. Very cool, that is pretty nice run for Vortech's "baby" blower
  4. Hey Allen, We would love to help you out with this! For the Centercaps - we only sell the Billet Tech ones. While the price is high - quality will not be matched anywhere! The cost is mainly due to the piece of Billet they have to use to make them. As for the lug nuts. Did you want the Locking Lugs as well? Here is a Package with the Locking Lugs http://www.speedlogixstore.com/product_p/bmc-bln-hemi.htm For just the standard lug nuts without the Locking you have two choices: http://www.speedlogixstore.com/product_p/gor-91147bc.htm x 5 or http://www.speedlogixstore.com/product_p/sum-754003b.htm x 5 Thanks! Mikey
  5. Congrats!!!!!!
  6. Looks good Sam! Nice Job!
  7. Very nice!!!!!! Looks great
  8. Sorry to hear about this man! Hope you get it all taken care of soon so you can enjoy your car again.
  9. Looks great!!!!!