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Dss Hellcat Ds Get Em While There Hot!

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Ok so after getting measurements for Frank the DS showed up and fits like a charm. Took me about 2 1/2 3 hours to do it on the ground by myself. The passenger side muffler is real close but don't hit. I slid the exhaust back just a tad to give me a little more clearance. I may need to adjust the tips after screwing with it but no big deal.

I took it out on 95 and hit just around 130 and the car actually feels a little better than it did with the 2 piece DS from the factory. 

All I have to say is you Hellcat owners better get one quick or I am gonna slap the shit out of all of you when yous skinny piece of crap DS twist like a pretzel.

Like this one http://www.hellcat.org/threads/broken-driveshaft.3371/

or like this one http://www.hellcat.org/threads/driveshaft-is-the-weak-link.2500/unread

Don't be crying if you don't have this one. I love saying I told you so.








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I don't think you need cabon fiber for a street car I suppose. I run the same DS in SRT5939 and it never has given me any issue. I'm pretty stoked to not have to worry about breaking a brand new car 1200 miles from home.

Chrome moly or aluminum?


Why not CF ?  lol

Aluminum 4" if SRT5939 can't break it the Hellcat never will.

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Frank already PM'd me.(customer service at its best....as usual !) Ordering it as soon as he opens. Leg...its still cheaper than what I spent and tore up on the Orange car. :(

AND its got a warranty.... lol

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no shit....... when i think of the money spent, broke, spent again on the charger, the hellcat is looking like a "bargain".  lol


i will have a HC charger in the driveway soon enough.   ;)

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