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2020 Modern Street HEMI Shootout Events

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19 days!  Get your tickets now for the Barth Tuning Kentucky MSHS and SAVE$$$  JULY 20TH, KENTUCKY DRAGWAY - ALL THE GEN3 HEMI DRAG RACING YOU COULD WANT.

All event details to include pre-event track rental, classes, payouts, rules, hotel, party and the like can be found here.  Pre-event track rental June 19th and backup event day June 21st....we are racing.



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We are excited to announce that McTaggart from BangShift.com will be providing photo coverage for the Kentucky Modern Street HEMI Shootout event!


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We still got plenty left!!!


  • June 19-20 Kentucky Dragway 
  • July 10-12 Rockingham, NC (NEW DATE)
  • Aug 13-15 Detroit, MI (dream cruise)
  • Sep 10-12 Virginia Motorsports Park, VA
  • Oct 2-3 Houston, TX (Lone Star Mopar Fest)
  • Oct 22-24 Maryland International Raceway (NEW DATE)
  • Nov 6-7 Atco Dragway, NJ (season finale)
  • Nov 8 Cecil County Dragway, MD (non points)

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HEMI’nsanity has had some changes!

  • Short of it….. Dream Cruise lot is not locked in due to permitting and covid issues. Dream Cruise will still happen and we can participate but likely without the lot.
  • We are now racing on Sunday Aug 16th at Lapeer International Dragway with the opportunity to participate in PINKS ALL OUT. They have a test day Friday Aug 14th and their event is Saturday Aug 15, both of which they encourage us to be part of. MSHS event is Sunday…..
  • We will still have HEMI’nsanity specific parties and are excited to have a chance to run our cars on live television with ALL OUT….. let’s do this.

More updates to follow including hotel info and tickets.


  • Friday Aug 14th – Test day at Lapeer with ALL OUT LIVE
  • Saturday Aug 15th – ALL OUT LIVE event at Lapeer
  • Saturday Aug 15th – Woodward Dream Cruise (NO MSHS LOT)
  • Saturday Aug 15th (evening) – MSHS PARTY!!!!!!!
  • Sunday Aug 16th – Modern Street HEMI Shootout event at Lapeer

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Lots of Modern Street HEMI Shootout things to keep up with here:

  • Friday June 19th Kentucky pre-event track rental
  • Friday June 19th Kentucky PARTY!!!
  • Saturday June 20th Kentucky MSHS event
  • Friday July 10th Rockingham pre-event track rental
  • Friday July 10th Rockingham PARTY!!!!
  • Friday July 11th Rockingham MSHS day 1 with Mopars at the Rock
  • Sunday July 12th Rockingham MSHS day 2 exclusive MSHS day
  • Sunday Aug 16th HEMI'nsanity MSHS at Lapeer (ALL OUT LIVE Friday/Saturday)

That should get you going until we have more to keep up with September and on 




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Well we made some mistakes but we must have done some good too

🔺️🔺2020 MSHS event 2 100% larger than 2020 MSHS event 1🔻🔻
Let's keep the momentum going and get ready for the next 2020 Modern Street HEMI Shootout event...... get your tickets.

July 10-12 Stanley's Performance MSHS event at Rockingham Dragway

  • Friday July 10th High Horse Performance, Inc. pre-event track rental
  • Saturday July 11th MSHS Day 1 with Mopars at the Rock.
  • Sunday July 12th MSHS Day 2 as a stand alone

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You wanted gen3 HEMI drag racing⁉️⁉️

Stanley's Performance Rockingham Dragway Modern Street HEMI Shootout event July 11th and 12th with the High Horse Performance, Inc. pre-event track rental Friday July 10th.

Sign up early to lock in your spot at the VanDrake Racing event party Friday July 10th as well. Free food and drink!


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