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Guest HemiRob

Diablo Sport Intune?

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^^^Exactly. The Trinity has a 25% larger screen. Even with my fingers not being big it's tough getting things going when the car's shaking in line.


How fragile is it, J??? I keep mine in my car (in a box) and bang it around like you know I do things. Haven't had a problem with it yet and I plug and unplug that dang cable in all the time. I wouldn't want the weight from that case being steel. A different plug style would be nice but it's not the end of the world.


Also, you can get it for a $100 cheaper than that...



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I dunno, I was a bit more impressed with yours in TX this go round. It just "feels" chincy for $500- $600 bones ya know? You know me though...takes me a while to come around lol

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