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Vortech On Stock 5.7

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I don't know anyone out in CA. Best thing there would be to find other folks that have had a Vortech installed and tuned there and see how they're doing.


Or install it yourself and contact Johan for an e-mail tune. He has A LOT of experience with Vortech blowers.


You could contact Sohfast on this forum as well. He worked with Vortech on their tunes as well.

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You can read boost off the OBD2 with the Aeroforce. No need for a separate boost gauge. Speedy's just married to his setup 0.o


Go dual Aeroforce...great deal for the money. Drop them into a dual Razor's Edge A-pillar pod or whatever dual pod floats your boat. You'll have two data elements per gauge so you can run AFR and Timing on one and Boost and IAT on the other, etc... If you go Aeroforce on the wideband, just be sure it's got an analog output not only that plugs into the gauge but also a spare so you can tie it into the Trinity to log AFR, especially if your tuner is remote. You can use a 90 degree 2.5mm stereo jack to get the job done. A bit of a PITA to solder the ground, but you'll work it out. Lemme know if you need a diagram for the stereo jack for the Trinity. I'll send you a link where you can buy them...recommend the 90 degree but they're a bit harder to find.



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Speedlogix uses him for all their Vortech install tunes. Touch base with Mikey and do some checking to see what's possible and go from there.



Thanks lol


Just let me know how I can help and I will be happy to!



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