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Project 460 Dakota ( Or An For Tf )

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That asshole was one of my mechanics when I managed 17 Midas shops. Ninety eight percent of my techs were good guys. Your tenant falls into the other two percent. If anyone called me for a job reference on him, I would reply without hesitation "Do not hire!"

Dang... if I had known beforehand, I would have told you to keep looking for another tenant. Lemme know if I can help Mani. I know that character well.


Good luck with the eviction.



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progress pics. 



stayed back and did the final welding. 


everything goes out for Chroming or Powdercoating tomorrow 


then Assembly Saturday. 








Also ordered up all the fuel and Stainless brake lines. decided were going to do hard lines front to back. 


Also ordered up the components and am going to build my own fuel cell... Couldnt find anything to fit, so guess ill have to make one :) 


We also found out that the last shop that was working on the truck decided to remove the front drivers caliper and wheel studs... they left us with 2 wheel studs.  Guess i can do a big brake kit now :) 

They Also left the motor mounts Tacked in place. They also didnt Build a new Trans mount.... but rather try to Jimmy rig his original one in and completely fucked up the trans mount in the process. 

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Mani, if you have a pic where you use that block full of holes and the copper block ( heat sink I guess ), post it. I'm interested to know how you use them.

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