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  2. Still have the Cats?
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  5. We're kicking off our Presidents' Day Sale early! Starting NOW until 2/17, we're offering instant rebates on a wide variety of brands on our web store. Only one code can be used per cart, so be sure to check out the rebate code list to find out which code to use with your order! Click here to learn more: https://bit.ly/3a8askj
  6. Time to get geared up for #RaceSeason with an SHR transmission sale! For this week only you can save HUNDREDS of dollars on all SHR transmissions on our web store. There's no coupon code required, just add the part to your cart and see the savings at the checkout screen at HHPRacing.com !
  7. Give High Horse Perfomance a call they are a vendor on here.18888941115 https://highhorseperformance.com/hhp-bes-5-7l-cnc-ported-polished-cylinder-heads-2003-2008-5-7l-hemi-engines-hhp-57pph/ Also they are having a Procharger sale which might interest you for you next stage of modding. Linda
  8. We win, you win! In honor of Rob Goss' win this past weekend at US Street Nationals, we're running a ProCharger sale! For this week only you can save HUNDREDS of dollars on ProCharger kits at HHPRacing.com! Just be sure to use coupon code WINNER at the checkout screen. Click here to order >> https://bit.ly/36xiTmY
  9. Buy a legmaker.
  10. legmaker makes a true cold air intake that draws from the fender well. Ask renfrick how it improved his performance. he did a before and after at the track.
  11. MOPAR does have a CAI so to speak... the lower half of the Hellcat Air Box & Extension tube. You will need to remove the front fascia, cut the original intake shield and add some push pins. It consists of the Hellcat Lower half of the air box, the Air Intake tube, and the Air Intake Sheild. Note - I added the 19 grill to my 17 and my IAT's run 3° to 5° above ambient air temp on the hwy. My How-To is HERE.
  12. I know you all aren't big on CAIs but I loved the one I had on my 10 RT Classic 5.7. I got a 21 challenger scat pack a couple months ago and the stealerships say they can't get a CAI for my car or they try to sell me one for a shaker and mine doesn't have that extra big whole the shakers do. I'm looking foe a MOPAR CAI, does anyone have any idea were I can find one? I see them for Charger Scat Packs but can't find one for my Challenger.
  13. I was hoping to receive a manual installation copy for upgrading my suspension but there wasn't any. Does anyone here have a manual for installing suspension? Have the mopar P5155435AD https://parts.jeepsareus.com/oem-parts/mopar-suspension-upgrade-p5155435ad?c=bD0zJm49U2VhcmNoIFJlc3VsdHM%3D
  14. The one I have is ATK. But let me know if you found a better option.
  15. The question is when would Jeep dive in on testing auto driving. I think given the reputation fo tesla, they would for sure succeed but if ever I will be driving that then I need to first see their document regarding the testing for safety like how many seconds would it stop if there is a sudden person in front or would it stop if the person is just on the side of the truck.
  16. Old timers remember the reason for this forum? Challenger click Well we started the forum at Challengerclick.com, and then changed to modernmoparforum.com sometime soon after it started to include all the modern Mopars, not just Challengers. After I got a renewal notice today for another 5 year renewal, I stopped that shit, we don't use it to redirect anymore as most don't even know it existed. So, you can be the proud owner of Challengerclick.com, just call godaddy.
  17. I have a 2007 Chrysler 300C with the 5.7L (345ci) hemi! I wanted to see what options I had as far as getting better performing cylinder heads. I plan on tuning and putting a large cam in. I want to be able to benefit from the higher lift and duration. I do also plan on running a small shot of nitrous later on I’m the future. I know you can have your current ones sent away to be ported and polished, but I’m not sure how long that takes and would need them back in a decent time.
  18. zaino on my car for 13 years car looks brand new. not a wax but a polymer. Love it
  19. Zaino is good wax. I use Griots Garage. They also sell some high quality products. They sell a good high speed buffer to use with their products. If you don't know much about detailing their website has some good videos to help you. Plus Oreilly's auto parts sells just about all of products.
  20. zaino has some stuff that gets out light scratches. My car was keyed from front to back and after Zaino i bet you couldn't find the marks even looking for them. Its not a wax but a polymer process.
  21. High speed buffer with the right foam pad good polish will be your best bet, Then seal it with a wax. If scratches are not down to the clear the buffer will clean it up.
  22. Might be excessive crank end play and wear of thrust bearings. It will push out the front seal.
  23. They do run good, but self drive...NO!. The jury is still out for the looks.
  24. Supercharge. or better cam can make a noticeable difference. Also what gears you have? Lower diff can make big difference.
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