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  3. http://hemirace.com/races/2020-mir-mshs/
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  5. Looking for info on garage floor coatings. already know about those gray with flakes type from Lowes/DIY. need to be pointed to custom coatings. thanks. Pictures and or links would help .
  6. Modern Street HEMI Shootout racing, what are you waiting for? https://youtu.be/MMQia6AdyZA
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  8. I believe they have fronts that are very similar to what I use on my Corvette.
  9. these just for the charger or can they be used on the challenger as well?
  10. Mike, I looked at those also.
  11. Those look good. I looked at those. I went with the ones from from ZL1 addons that clamp to the pinch wields.
  12. That looks good. I just always have used the rear pad to lift the entire side of the car.
  13. The Scat Pack has rear jack pads installed from the factory. But, there is nothing for the front. So, I ordered some from Lift Pads Pros for $24.30 and $8.45 S/H. It takes all of 10 mins per side to remove a bolt, add some Blue Threadlocker to the new bolt, and bolt in the pad. You will need a ratchet, small extension, a 15 & 16 MM socket, and some Blue Threadlocker. OBTW - My Harbor Freight 2 ton low profile jack fits under the car. Remove this bolt and install the jack pad and replacement bolt.
  14. I went thru this years ago... Just like CruzKing, the first order was perfect but the second order was a disaster. Luckily for me I disputed the change with my CC company and got my money back. They had the balls to ask me to ship the part back on my dime and I said send me an RMA with a pre-paid shipping label. Never heard from the and I shit-canned the part.
  15. What the heck are you ordering from them?
  16. this company will acknowledge that they do not have the part and will no return my$$$. just sayin i had one good delivery but can't get another solved. while typing this i got a call that the order number that they gave me was wrong......................... but they found my phone number. Careful with partsgeek , in my opinion they suck...
  17. Decades of precision engineering for the finest platforms in the world has led us to this: an American-manufactured exhaust lineup for the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT and Trackhawk. Perfect fitment, optimum power, patented drone-canceling 180 Technology®, five-inch double-walled tips and a signature soundtrack that only AWE can deliver. The Best Sounding Exhausts on the Planet™ for the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT and Trackhawk, coming soon. Now available for pre-order! Find out more at www.AWEatHHP.com https://youtu.be/qvG5ZcfXMaA
  18. Yup... 2017 Le Mans Race My RV Adventures
  19. Dale, do you still maintain your website that had all of the really cool photos you took during your travels?
  20. toofart, it's never to late! [emoji57] Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  21. I'm not even a lifetime member!
  22. crickets again, he must be working.
  23. More exciting news!! ToyMakerz and the team are bringing Street Digger to the pre-event track rental Thursday and will also be at Friday's event to make some exhibition passes. Come out and meet David, Ashley and Jason!! See you at VMP http://hemirace.com/races/2020-vmp-mshs/
  24. Thanks to Geoff Stunkard and Mopar Action Magazine for covering the VMP event as a follow up from Rockingham. Nothing better than getting your ride in ink!!!
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