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  3. The HHP Black Friday Sale Is LIVE Head over to HHPRacing.com where we've lined up all the deals on Gen 3 Hemi parts, up to 50% off! There's no coupon code required! https://bit.ly/3q4uwda Don't see your part on sale? Call or email us for the best price! sales@highhorseperformance.com or 888-894-1115 *Some exclusions apply*
  4. RevOff: 920HP vs Rock Star Drummer It's Periphery's Matt Halpern versus his #PoweredByHHP Trackhawk sporting an AWE Tuning Touring Edition Exhaust. Who won?! Post below! Looking for an AWE Exhaust for your Gen 3 Hemi? HHP keeps many AWE kits IN STOCK: www.AWEatHHP.com Along with the AWE Touring Exhaust, Matt's Trackhawk is fitted with an aFe POWER carbon fiber intake, Metco Motorsports 2.85 upper pulley, UPR Products catch can and crankcase breather, Mopar Demon injectors, Mishimoto Automotive 180 thermostat, all DiabloSport LLC CMR dyno tuned in-house by High Horse Performance, Inc.
  5. Tried OST . They don't mess with PCM's on Challengers that old . Recommended dealer.
  6. Its never too early to start planning, get your schedule in order as we have given racers as much notice as possible!!!! 2021 MSHS Classes And Schedule http://hemirace.com/races/ MSHS POINTS EVENTS w/rental dates March 26-28 Orlando Speed World, FL (MSHS on Sunday)(Horsepower Wars Saturday!) April 15-16 Virginia Motorsports Park, VA (race Friday) May 14-16 Rockingham, NC (race Saturday and Sunday) Aug 21-22 HEMI’nsanity Lapeer, MI (race Sunday) Oct 8-9 LSMF Houston, TX (race Friday) Oct 21-23 Maryland International Raceway, MD (race Friday and Saturday) AFFILIATE EVENTS WITH POINTS AND/OR MSHS CLASSES July 23-25 Hemifest Norwalk, OH (appearance points) July 30-31 Southeast Shindig, GA (appearance points) Sep 17-19 Holley Moparty/Challengerfest, KY (DOUBLE appearance points) Nov 13 Final Stand Cecil, MD (non points) MSHS RACE CLASSES HEMI Outlaw (1/8th mile heads up) Super Pro 8.50 index Heavyweight (1/4 mile heads up – No Time) 10.00 index Modified 10.50 index Super Stock 11.50 index Street 12.50 index Bracket (pro dial) Rookie (pro dial) King of the Hill (pro dial run off of class winners) 2021 CLASS RULES http://hemirace.com/races/
  7. I have 5 Condition 9+ Chrome Demon Reps for sale. Why 5. Well, I went to get the tires rebalanced and they said I had a bent rim and I took their word for it. I order a replacement and moved on. But, I thought I would take it over to my local tire shop that has a complement wheel refurbishing system. Low and behold no bent rim. I found a set of custom rims and decided to change directions and I had a buyer. But, COVID-19 showed up and the buyer backed out after I had put my original wheels back on while my custom wheels were built/shipped. Ooops... delay delay delay, so now I have the Demons for sale. Note - These will not fit a Scat with 6 piston Bembros without a 3 mm space which I have and will ship with the wheels Price $750 for all 5. Shipping is NOT included. These are boxed and ready to go. Packaging
  8. I put this together for my 10 Challenger and had it custom painted. $250 Shipped or OBO Buyer pays shipping
  9. Jay you are doing good with your car keep it up and you will get the personal best you are looking for. More frustrating than that is driving to MD to watch your friends race (MSHS) (I retired from racing last year) and breaking your blower 6 hours from home while just driving in traffic. Driving a Uhaul truck with a car hauler in poring rain for 6 hours just plain sucks.
  10. Nice video Jay...
  11. Usb

    Car Info would help?
  12. You might try AJ Berge - AKA Hemituner or Mike Dobain at OST Dyno.....
  13. Usb

    Trying to find out what kind of radio I have I keep getting error message when I insert my flash drive
  14. https://carcomputerexchange.com/?campaign=753344802&content=379839825347&keyword=car computer exchange&gclid=Cj0KCQiAkuP9BRCkARIsAKGLE8UpnoHMOcZDrdRRelfhPgCK14_3clgTuehxOr30dYJS_TZyyde_6KIaAnQSEALw_wcB B.S. continues. Ordered a refurbished PCM from here . Battery light is on and lights inside and out flicker when car is idling. Sent back for another one. Car idles up and down and no response at gas pedal . Both Junk. Put the one that came with the car back in. Since weather change no CEL or misfire with the factory one which has to be the PCM .When it's hot outside it acts up. Any suggestions on where to get a PCM? Dealer wants 1k.
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  16. Well, this time last year I ran 5 passes, took my time, had a great day with good weather and ended the season on a good note with several high nine and very low 10 passes testing things in some good air. Dialed the car in pretty good at ChallengerFest back in September and ran a 9.84 at 137 in +2000 DA so I was looking forward to some screaming times as I ended the season. NOPE!
  17. This Beautiful Freak Hellcat Is a Dodge Charger with a Magnum Hatch and a Jeep Trackhawk Drivetrain By Peter Holderith, The Drive 17 hrs ago Contact tracing for COVID-19 maxed out in Colorado Trump digs deeper into debunked conspiracy theories instead of… This Beautiful Freak Hellcat Is a Dodge Charger with a Magnum Hatch and a Jeep Trackhawk Drivetrain Wagons aren't as popular today as they once were, but that doesn't mean everyone has forgotten about them. Many enjoy the smooth wagon lines, and the practicality the body style offers. As my dad once put it, "Wagons are cool, son. They're just a sedan with a fanny pack." And just a few years ago, Dodge was making an angry wagon called the Magnum, sharing a platform with the Charger and Chrysler 300. © Provided by The Drive Many were sad to see it go, including--I'm assuming--YouTuber Junkyard Dave, aka David Nenno. A self-described laid off mechanical and electrical engineer, Nenno has embarked on a fantastic project: to create the Charger wagon Dodge doesn't build today. This isn't just a project to test Nenno's Bondo skills, however. The car is receiving widebody panels from Dodge, and the engine and drivetrain from a Jeep Cherokee Trackhawk. That means an AWD, supercharged Charger wagon making 707 horsepower on the worst day of its life. Nenno, of course, plans to get that horsepower figure closer to 1,000, though. Video player from: YouTube (Privacy Policy, Terms) The project started seven months ago with the ritual disassembly of a 2015 Dodge Charger, which was a previously stolen car bought at an auction for cheap. After most of the four-door was stripped out, the process of grafting the rear hatch from a junkyard Dodge Magnum onto the back of the new Charger began. As of today, most of the body panels have all been welded on, filled smooth, and primed for paint. The widebody bumpers, side skirts, and fenders just arrived recently, so they're next in line. That being said, even with the stock Charger's wheels hiding inside the fenders and the car riding high due to the lack of a drivetrain, it just looks right. Nenno says he plans to install not only the Trackhawk drivetrain, but the wheels as well, so those arches will be filled with 325-millimeter-wide tires to boot. Video player from: YouTube (Privacy Policy, Terms) As far as actually making it run and drive, the car's floor will need to be cut up to accommodate the Trackhawk's transfer case. The front differential/axle situation will need to get sorted out as well, which likely involves modifying the front subframe. A custom driveshaft will then have to be made to get power to the rear end, which will be sourced from the same junkyard Trackhawk that the rest of the drivetrain is coming from. Learn More And despite the massive amount of work it will take to get all of this working right, it's definitely worth it. With how good even a tall-riding, dinky-wheeled iteration of this car looks, it's surprising Dodge doesn't make a lifted wagon based on the Charger labeled as a crossover--like the AMC Eagle Wagon--and throw a Hellcat motor in it. They would sell at least three, I'm sure of it. It's also an easy excuse to rehash an existing platform it has to make a "brand new vehicle." Think about it: there are more trims of Charger and Challenger than there are atoms in the universe, and making this car--which is really just another trim in itself--would allow for the brand to apply all of those trims (and more) to a "brand new vehicle." If Nenno can make a prototype for this sort of thing over seven months using only existing Mopar goodies, I don't see why Dodge can't at least tease us with something similar at SEMA.
  18. This looks fun. https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/enthusiasts/this-beautiful-freak-hellcat-is-a-dodge-charger-with-a-magnum-hatch-and-a-jeep-trackhawk-drivetrain/ar-BB1bbc6D
  19. That sucks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. They're have a lot of issues with this code on the Jeep V6 engines too. They usual cure is replacement.
  21. What brand of long tubes have you all had success with and which ones suck? Also the Y pipe.
  22. Nice to know the Fix.
  23. I can only guess that the cam is probably way to big
  24. All fixed... It turns out the bearings in the water pump went to shit @ 10,000 miles. Wasn't leaking or squealing, just on and off sort of grinding. Dude at the dealer said they've replaced pretty many water pumps on these while still under warranty, (not exactly a ringing endorsement for the pump manufacturer) but this was the 1st one they had that sounded like ours. In any event.... all good now. Old lady's happy, & I'm off the hook for "breaking her car"
  25. Sadly no. Car stared misfiring again. Ordered a new PCM and it wasn't program correctly. I'm close to taking a flame thrower to this car.....
  26. So has anyone been able to find the TSB on this ? just bought a ‘15 CC SB 4x4 and it has this issue. My dealer says that it is known by FCA and claimed that it’s a harmonic vibration from the engine and Transmission being one to one in the gear selection. sounds crazy to me but this is nuts that there is no way to id this issue. any help would be great.
  27. Call the dealer and have them come get it. Sounds like a lifter, but I don't know shit.
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