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    parts geek

    I went thru this years ago... Just like CruzKing, the first order was perfect but the second order was a disaster. Luckily for me I disputed the change with my CC company and got my money back. They had the balls to ask me to ship the part back on my dime and I said send me an RMA with a pre-paid shipping label. Never heard from the and I shit-canned the part.
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    Leah Pruett to attend and COMPETE at VMP MSHS

    Does she like FIREBALL, if not we can teach her.
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    Is this fucking thing on?

    Sorry, technical difficulty with a forum software update turned into a server problem. We are going to look for some long term solutions so this does not happen again.
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    Is this fucking thing on?

    Yup... 2017 Le Mans Race My RV Adventures
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    1984 d150 marksman 1000 drive train

    Hey I'm looking for some insight. I have an 84 d150 with a 318. 3SPD auto. I was wondering what I can put in the diff and swap for a tranny as simple as possible to get it above 65mph. This is my first real project/build and I have no idea where to even start. I already plan to swap the intake and 2bbl carb for a 4bbl carb and throw a basic turbo on for a little extra power. But that'll be useless if I blow the tranny tryin to go over 65mph. Thank you for any help. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Important Question

    The wife and I are doing fine. Got Cabin Fever as you have never seen. Jarrell is a small community and so C hit hearOVID-19 has not hit here, so far. We both lost our parents' years ago. We have had limited contact with our kids and grandkids. All of our family members are still working, no layoffs. I make a "Road Trip" about once a week to hit the local stores for needed supplies. Wally World is about 12 miles away and occasionally I hit the gas station and ventured into the store. I am making CV-19 Masks to give away to those in need. I also am donating supplies like elastic & fabric for making CV-19.