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  1. never mind taken care of..
  2. I have moved to Fl. In a one bedroom apt until the house is completed. Really liking Ft Myers/Cape Coral.
  3. Service members, police , first responders , and all those who made us free. Screw the president who is trying to erase everything the hero's did while hiding . Actually I'll say it FUCK biden.
  4. legmaker makes a true cold air intake that draws from the fender well. Ask renfrick how it improved his performance. he did a before and after at the track.
  5. zaino on my car for 13 years car looks brand new. not a wax but a polymer. Love it
  6. zaino has some stuff that gets out light scratches. My car was keyed from front to back and after Zaino i bet you couldn't find the marks even looking for them. Its not a wax but a polymer process.
  7. Jay you are doing good with your car keep it up and you will get the personal best you are looking for. More frustrating than that is driving to MD to watch your friends race (MSHS) (I retired from racing last year) and breaking your blower 6 hours from home while just driving in traffic. Driving a Uhaul truck with a car hauler in poring rain for 6 hours just plain sucks.
  8. Yup ^^^^^.
  9. i'm sorry as Eric always did me well. Hope no one lost much or time. I guess i was one of the first who did business with them and i always said that they treated me very well. Hope i didn't convince folks to get fucked. well you never know.
  10. LOL, can't load shit on this place.
  11. RIP A2Speed.
  12. Looking for info on garage floor coatings. already know about those gray with flakes type from Lowes/DIY. need to be pointed to custom coatings. thanks. Pictures and or links would help .
  13. this company will acknowledge that they do not have the part and will no return my$$$. just sayin i had one good delivery but can't get another solved. while typing this i got a call that the order number that they gave me was wrong......................... but they found my phone number. Careful with partsgeek , in my opinion they suck...
  14. crickets again, he must be working.