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  1. Looking for info on garage floor coatings. already know about those gray with flakes type from Lowes/DIY. need to be pointed to custom coatings. thanks. Pictures and or links would help .
  2. this company will acknowledge that they do not have the part and will no return my$$$. just sayin i had one good delivery but can't get another solved. while typing this i got a call that the order number that they gave me was wrong......................... but they found my phone number. Careful with partsgeek , in my opinion they suck...
  3. crickets again, he must be working.
  4. crickets....... I thought we donated when we became life long members. I could be wrong. If there is a need we can help, I'm sure. Let us know Alan.
  5. Wheew thought it died, god save the MMF.
  6. Does she like FIREBALL, if not we can teach her.
  7. Kevin, go to Japan thats where many 60's 70's mopars from CA went.
  8. Is there going to be a raffle for racing for vets??
  9. yes, what i got.
  10. Please remain on topic.
  11. Kevin, I was looking for your car in the picture but realized that was round 2 and you were eliminated in round one!
  12. Anyone from Texas or Mississippi going to the MSHS race at the Rock, in Rockingham NC??
  13. making noise again so i would like a spare srt lsd 2008-2011 diff. i bought 3 sold 2 and now sorry i sold the last one.