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  1. Apparently, you've never seen what a used Dart books for.
  2. I'll have a 3.91 Getrag with BFNY Performance clutch upgrade, Driveshaft Shop 1 piece aluminum drive shaft and Driveshaft Shop 1400 hp axles available soon along with a LX rear cradle with Crank This Performance aluminum bushings in the next month or so. All parts are off a 2010 Challenger R/T 6 speed....
  3. I too have the RAM Force 10.5 clutch, making less power, and have been very happy with it.
  4. I will, but it won't be until fall sometime...
  5. Bump still have this. Open to offers at this point.
  6. If you source factory SRT8/ Scat Pack/ Hellcat Brembo brakes, it is my understanding you'll need to run different wheels to accommodate the larger brake caliper.
  7. I have a full interior, and i'm only 142 lbs, why am I not faster!?
  8. itsrobbywithay
  9. I follow you on Instagram, and have always wondered what your set up is. Aside from the 150 shot, my car isn't to far off from yours.
  10. I have a Moroso one i bought from HHP and it bolted right on.
  11. I didn't notice, but is your car a 6 speed or automatic? At some point you'll end upgrading everything. Trans, drive shaft, half hafts, rear cradle &rear dif. At least I did. and I'm at 13 lbs.
  12. Congratulations! Give me hope I can sell my car in the future!
  13. Sure, no problem!
  14. I was always under the understanding it was 20 rwhp for every lb.
  15. This is the McLeod throw out bearing OST Dyno sells. I have it, but have not installed it yet.