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  1. Heres the frying tires session & pst pump blow out: http://s856.photobucket.com/albums/ab129/HemiPwrd/?action=view&current=REC_2010_BillDale_Charger_Donuts-2.mp4
  2. Dont forget all those chargers are the sound off my car !!!!
  3. FAST FURIOUS FIVE MOVIE ?????You may be asking why would Fast 5 Movie would be a topic hear at SCC ?? This movie has more Dodge product vehicles in it than the previous movies have. Finally go American Muscle Fast & Furious . I am writting this because two of SCC members Karl Schello(lowwlife) & I (MoparBD) were asked too help with SOUND for the Dodge vehicles. Karl & I spent a full day at Mojave Airport producing the sound from our vehicles(Challenger SRT8 & Charger SRT8) by doing numerous high speed passses,stopping,drifting,& burnouts. We both had a blast doing this . So go watch this movie while it last on the big screen. All the chargers exhaust are from my car & Vin Diesel charger has a Supercharger like sound wich came off of Karl Schello supercharger challenger. We both run the Corsa exhaust.