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  1. OkCleaned up. Light stone on the deck
  2. NO LONGER AVAILABLE 6.1 Short Block. OEM rotating assembly. OEM cam. I'll throw in the engine stand too. Moving/ injury forces sale, project(s) on hold Pick up or I'll drive 90 miles from . VA. Beach/Norfolk area. 23602 $1800 Txt for any info or a pic or 2. 757.602.7551
  3. What is the back cut on the Valve(s) Deg*? Thanx
  4. ^^^^ that post wins... internet champ..
  5. AJ, you just keep setting the bar higher. Truly and attribute to our community
  6. Without posting requotes etc.... This is MMF. Give Shit-Take shit.Dont Apologize, no need, don't back down, Take a stand, dig in and Prepare This forum is more PRO 'Merica than Chevy and Apple MF'n pie. USN Vet notwithstanding, I know plenty of Vets who are Sorry Pos, and a few solid Civilian cats I'd back in a firefight any day... The one common bond is the RIGHT To be who you need to, but don't insult the choices of others if you are not willing to TAKE A STAND AND VOTE. No disgrace,that's your CHOICE.. But I, as quite a few others here have said, and MILLIONS of votes to support our position have spoke.. If You CHOOSE to not get involved, then remain SILENT if you don't get your way.. Pays to be a winner, , 2nd place is the First loser, and my favorite-Its not whether you win or lose, but that you got to fuck the prom queen... oh Yeah losing sux....and my Wife was the Prom Queen.. Open your Eyes, the Crusades are back, and This time we get to fight to win. Yep. Thrive on it...
  7. ^^^^You didn't vote...... I'll leave that right there. When you insult and belittle, without the fortitude of making your voice heard one way or another, your no better then the mindless giant and empty rhetoric spewn from the thousands of other lost souls Politics and opinion ALWAYS creates controversy and divide.. Its like Charger vs. Challenger (Btw- Charger hands down..)
  8. instant woody........... GLWS What size/type throttle body does it accept??
  9. Well, as in true MMF fashion, the topic has slid off the rails....Hahahha Seriously, BRUCER41, you mentioned CLINTON, political prowess, economy et. all. First, They (the executive branch, stood by and LET my brothers die in Benghazi to cover up the fact they were allowing Stinger missiles to be used against us in Afghanistan and Syria.. Unemployed individuals are at a record high, The SAUDI"S contributed to her campaogn, and ,oh Yeah she's a Friggin Witch..Order of ISIS, Egyptian MAJICK CULT..(look it up) But everyone is entitled to an opinion As far as President trump, I don't share my tax returns w/anyone either, and I'm poor white trash. HE doesn't owe any Bank, his Corporations do, on interest payments. And as Far as His 2 billion in debt to the Chinese, Hmmm. I'll keep searching, really, If/When we ever engage the Red Menace, it will be a crippling blow to Their nation.. when was the last time ANYTHING Made in China outlasted Made in the USA? We are all entitled, But I'm protective, of a Man who had EVERYTHING to lose, and he won, because we, the People, spoke, loudle Sermon over, back to ADD Theatre. btw Cam, I have permanent scar tissue from friggin bushing install.....
  10. Woke Up this morning... Newfound sense of purpose.It feels as if a great burden has been lifted, as we,a Nation of Warriors, poets scholars and Free Men, will no longer live under the oppressive rule of a Quasi-Socialist bent on the destruction of American Ideals and moral values. In its place, a man who does not Have to be there, who gave up his billionaire ways to correct, heal and repair, to march forward with determination and brutal honesty, to restore OUR Republic to it's once Great status as The NATION that leads the World. Thank You, Mr. Trump, for the courage to face demonization, ridicule and scorn. For standing in the place of most Americans who believe as you do. For the willingness to correct the wrongs and racial divide created by your "predecessor" I pledge my Loyalty, Respect and Honor, on behalf of myself and my Family. Duty, Honor Sacrifice. For the nation, to protect our Constitution and all that it holds sacred. It feels very good to be an AMERICAN Today, much better then it has felt in years. V/r, Jim Dobar
  11. very... bad assss
  12. ahem, CTP Solid Cradle Bushings, FTW
  13. CTP Solids... WIN WIN WIN