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  1. These turds promised insider information with a Lifetime Membership, so far hanging around here has done shit for my portfolio.
  2. Yes! Enjoy the fresh air and good times of wheeling off road. All that "go fast" stuff is over rated.
  3. Can you refund my money but let me keep my status?
  4. Nonsense that was excellent service, I don't think Burger King is even that fast. The best $30.02 I've spent all month.
  5. I sent some scratch, moola, coin, ducket, dead presidents.
  6. When are you ass-hats going to offer rebates, cash on the hood. I know the MSRP is $30 but I heard Poolman got Lifetime Membership for $19.95.
  7. How did you figure out it was me requesting?
  8. I sent a request yo.
  9. So wait, you assholes can take my thirty-plus bucks, deny me supercool lifetime status and not refund my money? Did I get that right? Do I have to always refer to people here as assholes or douche-bags? Would friend, sir or lady be all right?
  10. Looks like the pics in this thread are gone. Who makes a real good old school pistol grip shifter with the wood looking grips? I want something looking like I just pulled it from an E-Body.