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  1. One thing I learned from Karl.... what "slammed" means as pertains to cars - a couple three years ago I'd see people post topics like "My Vagina got SLAMMED" and I'd think...."Oh noes!!! I hope it's not totalled".
  2. You can add spark advance too, depending on the octane you're using. If you're using race gas, you could probably add quite a bit of spark before detonation. Learned that trick from Jon (70Barcuda) this year - made the trip to Beaver Springs worthwhile for that alone. I wondered about that, Denis. I was gonna join you at Napierville iif you went. Hard to believe it's been over a year since I met you and Lee there that day - with the crazy track prep. Your car definitely can hit 11s. You need to get there.
  3. Holy crap, a 3/10ths+ gain. Was it just the cam swap, Phil, or did you change something else too?.
  4. I should give out more of those MMF cards. I shoulda given one to another fella I met at the track- he brought a 72 Demon 340 to the track Sunday, but he also has a 2012 Durango tow vehicle and a 2009 Challenger six speed,
  5. Everytime I see "JZ - runs great", I
  6. Now it will have to be updated again. Since Sam is already "The Man" will Iron be "The Mani"?
  7. You should at least be able to hit 11s, Denis. You need to get out to Napierville on some chilly, but sunny, fall days.
  8. The links worked fine for me yesterday. Problem might be with Kenny's computer.
  9. I think so. Mani trapped 3 mph faster and in high heat and humidity. He was a tenth slower in the 60 ft which made the big diff. Yet even so Mani's time was only. 008 slower.
  10. 11.2 in this heat/humidity is very impressive! Congrats, Mani!
  11. lol lol "Lookee here!" .... probably a reference to that prank call to Peter Jennings by "Mr. Higgins" during the OJ chase/standoff. lmfao!!!!!!
  12. Wow.. this is gutted too. Down to 6 pages and one pf those is new today. Must be 20 pages gone. Damn shame
  13. Wonder what else, if anything, is missing? Karl and Mike were aware of the contents of their topics.... but other stuff could have slipped beneath the radar so to speak.
  14. Mike, the missing 29 pages must be hanging out with Karl's build pages that apparently also disappeared. Is it a problem related to archiving or something else?
  15. Haven't seen this topic pop up in the unread in a while. So I assume after all this time you got the starting problem fixed?