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  1. I will definitely give them a call with the serial number. My original thought was the amount of oil that leaks couldn't be going through the blower but maybe. Doesn't hurt to check
  2. This is good info thank you. I bought the blower used so it very well could be from that era. I never thought about the back of the blower. I did pull it off and ordered a new blower seal and cometic intake gaskets from mmx. I haven't pull the intake manifold off yet so I'll see what everything looks like. I'm not using the KB catch can, its a UPR which is similar to the usual Billet tech style and I am going to put new hose on it. Still can't decide on running a PCV or not. I originally planned based on the Arrington CCV article.
  3. This has probably been discussed before but I figured I would see if anyone has any insight. I have had a nagging oil leak on my 6.1 the past couple of years and honestly I originally thought it was the rear seal so I was just living with it. I dont drive the car a ton so it's been more of just an annoying thing. Finally got some time to look at it this weekend and found the valley under the blower manifold was full of oil. My assumption is the manifold gasket is leaking so I started taking it all apart. I seem to remember this being somewhat common but would appreciate any insight. Any recommendations on better gaskets or install methods to help? Also I run a two catch can setup. First one is off the blower manifold port to a catch can and then to the spot behind the throttle body. Second is off the oil fill port to a catch can and down to the intake tube after the filter. I did find that the hoses I used off the blower manifold port were very flimsy and could have definitely been collapsing. Would that cause the gasket to fail? I don't run a PCV, should I be with this setup? It does smoke a bit on startup, probably from oil getting past the gasket and will puff a little at throttle hit. Thanks for the help, I want to get this figured out once and for all.
  4. Good to know, thank you for the link
  5. Correct you do not use the factory basket. I think they say there isn't any issue with low fuel but I generally stay above 1/4
  6. I did a 6.1 swap with heads and cam. Ran it one year and then put a KB 2.8 on it. Much better now
  7. I have an enclosed now, but a 20' Aluma tilt bed would be my choice for open.
  8. Have you tried posting on some of the facebook groups? Seems to be a lot of guys on there with high end builds that aren't on the forums.
  9. I have a 2.8LC Kenne Bell on my 6.1. I run about 9.5# with Snow Stage 3 water/meth. I installed it last year and havent been to the track or dyno but its a hell of a lot of fun on the street.
  10. I believe I read on another forum there is a volkswagen clip that works and I think they got it at NAPA.
  11. Was yours a part of the recall they did for wires burning up? I have the email somewhere with the details if you need it.
  12. I love watching the videos of your car online. Care to share any on the setup?
  13. Maybe for cruising light throttle but not wot
  14. I would quit driving it if that’s true and get the tune revised
  15. What RPM were you launching at? Just curious how far to push it