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  1. I was there! And, I wasn't impressed.
  2. Do you have to "tune" a bajo fitting???
  3. Ah! Just finished up the graphics on the "unique" "Best of Show" Trophy!
  4. Possible Dash Plaque... "33rd...and 1/3"...get it??
  5. When you get my age, that's the only sure way to give her a thrill!
  6. Tee Shirt Graphic!
  7. The Flyer for the June Show. Fell free to share around!
  8. The 33rd Annual COMA ALL-MOPAR SHOW will be... "MOPARS AT THE CORRAL"
  9. Saturday, June 11th, 2016 ..at the Santa Fe Cattle Company Lot Midwest City, OK More details will be posted and can be viewed on the Central Oklahoma MOPAR Association Facebook Page, and Web Page Link.
  10. Looking great!