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  1. twin stock style ram air scoops! yup.
  2. wanting this one: https://www.trufiber.com/shop/2011-2014-charger-fiberglass-a23-ram-air-hood/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIwtPhp7iJ6AIVEJ6fCh3fYAFAEAQYBiABEgLU6vD_BwE any experience with them? any pics of hoods on 11 - 14 Charger car to compare? thanks
  3. Opened for the picture, everything included. I have a tuned TCM and don't need this. Read all the functions and applications here: 2011 - 2014 NAG1 Charger, 300 http://www.zautotech.com/tranzformer2gen.html Original cost was $304 shipped. I'll take $265 shipped in the US 48 states.
  4. cool! I drive the back roads from here to there every weekend for fun! I hope I'm satisfied, I just never liked solid mounts on any of my cars... super offer, thank you! sent message reply on CTF
  5. new or pictured as excellent, complete used kit looking for stability more than hop issues post or message me shipped to Winsted Ct 06098 tanks!
  6. got the pdf = perfect, thanks!!
  7. pm with info sent, thanks!
  8. the web search yielded nothing. Mopar lists the same ECM for 5.7 and 6.4, but they do have different engine harness. Hoping a pinout will reveal where the 6.4 active runner intake actuator wires go. share the love
  9. car-part.com lists used front bars interchanging these years - should means they'll fit. advertisments from vendors say 08-10, 11-15, etc. Sales guys read the script. new Hellcat front bar says 08 up all car models from Dodge will an older 08-10 fit a 13 Charger? anyone done it for sure? seems nobody has tried to know.....
  10. I'm in a 13 Daytona, but looking for users feedback on this product. joints nylon lined? squeak? did it help? thanks!
  11. Bill I've been using the Wallace calulators for years. They are close for a guesstimate. Yes, shedding 100lbs is better than any tire or gear change Convertor slip and rear suspension ability to launch seems the main variance factors from dead on calculations. I think if you are leaning toward E.T. reduction than street rpm vs mph, 3.73 - 3.92 will make you happy. Can always run a bit taller tire to compensate if needed. I think we are lucky to not have bought that 3.06 w/ 30k miles from a buddy with no proof. Good luck on your saearch, I'm on mine! kbr577 has a sweet 3.73 w/ heavy clutches in NY on th lx forum...
  12. just the LSD refresh will be a grand (parts/labor), plus cost of ring and pinion. Erik has stated recently, that it could be cheaper/easier to buy a new Getrag LSD unit - he thinks they are also ~ a grand. I have yet to hear back from where these are sold. I'd keep doing the math as you are, and chose a gear best suited for the rpm/mph you'd like to be at. And decide if that choice is for street OR strip. Can't really have one ratio be best at both.
  13. thanks! and, how happy are you that you did the swap? I'll get extension just in case
  14. I see, thanks!. On the challenger site, ~25hp gain was discussed. I'm ok with that, not looking for a 500hp car - I have another supercharged car for that. Just looking for bolt on, bit by bit package gain tuned, CAI, TCM upgrade and now the SRT headers. Hopefully, this makes my car still look mostly stock, reverseable mods, but better FEELING gains than just a tune and CAI.... I might do a 6.4 intake swap to compliment the SRT header upgrade.