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  1. I wouldn't want to take it away from you. I know you have many but you can keep it. Then, you can pour some KY on it, and sit your dumb Trump loving ignorant fucking ass on it and rotate for a few hours you miserable fuckface. Oops, sorry, sailor slipped out. Yes you can taunt me bitch but it doesn't work, I laugh it off. But, I sure can ratchet it up a bunch if you want. I said enough was enough. I apologized and that to a normal person means I acquiesced and dropped it. But oh no, you high and mighty motherfucker has to try and get another zinger in. Good luck.
  2. because I don't vote I am not entitled to have an opinion? And there is the main crux of the problem in this country. The only way you are right is if you, and the "whatever named thing" is in power. It applies to everything. Any sports event, you have the winner and the loser. Never mind the effort, skill, etc. it took to get the shot to win all the marbles you are still a loser and are called that and treated as such. Any competitive event, the winner gets accolades and groupies that would die for them and the loser is booed, hated and is threatened with death. You see it right here, I voiced my opinion and was taken to the woodshed for proper educational abuse and as soon as I said I didn't vote, automatically I was irrelevant, a nobody that doesn't count. So be it, I thought this was a place of thick skinned macho folks who enjoyed freedom from dealing with crap at other forums, from being warned and banned in other groups, to have the sort of joviality that is what makes this forum enjoyable. A place where you can just enjoy making friends, find help and learn new things about your ride. Guess not. This thread should be closed as I will not back down on my position and for sure others wont neither and there is no place for this mess here and I apologize for letting my anger for the loss of a President flow onto this forum. wont happen again.
  3. no not at all http://thehill.com/blogs/pundits-blog/presidential-campaign/305749-republicans-employ-double-standard-to-discredit http://dneiwert.blogspot.com/2016/11/when-obama-was-elected-outpouring-of.html http://www.revelist.com/politics/america-responds-obama/5855/unity-thats-the-message-sent-by-depicting-obama-as-a-savage/5 http://www.nbcnews.com/id/27738018/ns/us_news-life/t/obama-election-spurs-race-threats-crimes/#.WInrgH1WaVM enough though, I give, uncle? I hate politics. Bad enough to hear this shit all day but I come here to read and enjoy company with similar car minded people. As I said, I don't vote, but I am entitled to my opinion. 22 years in the Navy says so. I care about what direction the idiot in power (whoever it is) is taking the country. This current Bozo hasn't a clue one and with his incessant lying and the mass of crap that following him that will affect the country, that is what get my girl panties in a knot. I do not go blindly into the night so to speak. So to make it easy, the left line will do the scaffold building, rope tying, etc. The middle line has the tar, and the right line has the feathers. So pick a line so I can get this over with please.
  4. Geez folks, Someone can't have a damn opinion here any more? I know the Trump sheeple are touchy but shit y'all got some serious ass rash. I don't roll left, nor right, I voiced my opinion. You don't like it, fine, put yours down. I know that Howdy Doody in the big house is very quickly taking away our 1st amendment rights so I will get all this in quick as you folks are already well into helping him.Rant over, I think I will go get a beer, pull my safety pin tighter and chill. Oh, and if my opinion once again offends you and I don't have the right to it, then you can go rightly fuck off.
  5. Not sure on her either but you have to think that with her at least you already have 8 years of White House knowledge and yes people will say wheat they will about crooks, thieves etc. but I say go research what Bill did for the country, look at the stats, economy and such. With the economy now is great shape Hillary would have a good foundation to move forward and make changes to things that need and move the country forward. The pumpkin head does not have ANY political experience and if you look at his business sense he has a long track record of failure. A long list of companies failed, bankruptcies, he is in major debt to China ($2,5 billion), US ($1 billion) and with him not showing his tax records (because he is a coward) we can't be sure of anything he says about his finances. Not trying to take a stand or political rant, just throwing out my opinion as I hate that piece of shit and I hope America wakes up before it's too late.
  6. I have gotten that twice over the last 2 years I think. I got the same answer, we will let you know when we have the parts. I just make sure the wife's life insurance is up to date!
  7. Sorry, have to disagree, he is a misogynistic, racist, lying, cheating, fascist puppet of the USSR. He was elected by cheating perpetrated by a country who is our mortal enemy making him a traitor to the American people. His incredible debts to foreign countries is staggering, he owes China $2.5 billion dollars and now he is trying to start crap with them in order to weasel out of it. He owes American financial institutions over $1 billion with no intentions of repaying it either. He is a complete fraud. I can go on but what's the use. His sheeple will ignore facts no matter what and it is a shame what he is going to do to this country.
  8. Dude, it's sad your luck with that car. Although till I came on this forum I was having these gremlins and it looks like they went to you. Hope you get all of that worked out
  9. Do you need an OEM shifter in place of the Hurst? What do you have on the end, ball, pistol?
  10. There you go Kevin, affordable power gain for you. 36 months out should be enough time to fill up the piggy bank for them.
  11. I thought I was cursed. Damn
  12. I'm guessing this is past the JB weld stage?
  13. I have cutouts on my car and a maggie and somewhere I have dyno sheets (have to dig them out) that were done, one with cutouts open and then closed. there was a a difference in both HP and TRQ. It wasn't a huge difference but I am sure that on the track it would be what you are seeing especially hauling these big ass pigs down
  14. I was just waiting for a surprise somewhere in the video. Apples to apples would be the best way to do this but I still think the bow tie crowd will be watching that cat walk away from them
  15. Super bad turkey me thinks