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  1. Hello All! Just purchased my fifth Ram, my cummins finally bit the bullet at 541k Miles. So I decided to down size with a 1500 Hemi Sport. Bought it used with 19k miles on it, from the beginning as soon as I jump on the highway around 60-75 I have a annoying seat vibration that is driving me insane. Took it back to the dealership and listed below is what has been done. - 4 new tires - road forced 3 times - re balanced 3 times It only comes from the rear because we tried moving the rims around front to back and back to front and vibration stays isolated towards rear and in seat. Now this truck is 2 years ld I cant be the only one who has had this. Is there a fix or has anyone done anyhting to fix this? Truck is at dealer ship now not sure whats going on but anxiety thru the roof being that the truck is already 75% paid off luckily it has 100k mile warranty. Any suggestions will help please! I've heard anything from drive shaft to rear rotors and shocks but cant see to find a cure.