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  1. I took truck back to dealership in Langley bc. They admitted that there weren’t issues with the truck and refunded all and I mean all my money
  2. I see by the conversations that no one has talked about the 2016 or 17 Ram 1500 Vibrations. I just bought one. 180 KM or 110 miles on it and it too shakes. Drove it around the lot pre purchase. Liked the ride and feel and power. What could be different off the lot than the little scoot I had at the dealers facility. WRONG WRONG WRONG. The first day out I noticed the shaking and have now come to know it as a shutter. The dealer balanced the tires but it made no difference. They changed tires and no difference. They put on Bilstein Shocks and what started at 80 K and seemed to dissipate or lessen at 110 K (50 to 65 mph) only got worse. The shaking in the rear of the seat and back wards only came on at a lower speed and at 120 or approx 70mph the vibration actually moved into the steering wheel and I didn't want to go faster for fear of a death wobble. Had that one on my Cummins Diesel six years ago. Went back to the dealer and they force balance the tires. Now at speeds of 80\Km to 95 KPH I have this shuttering shaking vibration. Let me add that when I added the weight of my car trailer the problem came on sooner and after all the efforts made by the dealer, with the trailer and a car on board the truck shuttered and hopped. Reading the stories of the forum I thought I should investigate another truck. I drove the 2017 and with great disappointment have concluded that this problem is inherent in the build and design of the vehicle. There has to be a solution to this. I have FCA Customer service in the loop and at this point just want to get out of the truck. Drove a GMC basically the same setup and there were no issues. Drove a Chevy and was super happy although out of my budget. I haven't tried Ford but there are no shaking issues found on the InterWeb. Right at this minute I am totally frustrated with this truck. Monday I am going to a drive line specialist is my town of Langley, BC, Canada. On another note I spoke with a good friend whom has been involved with drive line issues for over 35 years and when I asked his opinion he laughed. He said that this issue was dealt with over 20 years ago. The differential pinion angle is the problem. and that is the place to start. He could offer no recommendations as he has not had to deal with this truck but listening to him come right out of the blue and then reading about it in the forums really gave me food for thought. I just want to give the truck back to the dealer, 1200 KM on the vehicle, 600 miles. Anybody have a suggestion, Please help. PS We don't have a lemon law here in Canada Get me out of it.