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  1. post pics of those custom sounds you put in your ride....
  2. got pics?
  3. $638.99 Dodge Challenger Strut Tower Brace Kit - 5.7/6.4L Front and Rear - A Strut Tower Brace will improve your Dodge Challenger's handling and increase chassis rigidity, making for an impressive and cost effective improvement. Once installed, this Dodge Challenger Strut Tower Brace offers a higher level of handling and braking while giving your Challenger an added touch of style. This set comes with Front Brace and Rear Brace Made from 4130 Chrome-moly steel Each piece is precision welded Closed triangle shape for strength and ultimate handling Bolt in, no welding required Not compatible with Shaker Hood Scoop 5.7L and 6.4L engines has anyone tried these out??
  4. how we doing Texas?? how we rolling?
  5. interesting..im gonna look into this
  6. no one?? no where??
  7. ok
  8. any shows or meets in LA or OC area??
  9. Dodge Challenger Cat Back Exhaust System - 6.1L 6.1L - '08-'10 - A Dodge Challenger Cat Back Exhaust System is a relatively simple power modification that will free up your Challenger's exhaust gas flow and produce an engine note that is more pronounced than your stock muffler. Adding a Cat Back Exhaust can provide several benefits, the first of which is more power. This Dodge Challenger Cat Back Exhaust System is designed to be freer flowing than your stock exhaust, incorporating larger diameter piping and higher-grade mandrel bent tubing for a more laminar flow. These changes can result in a reduced level of back pressure at the engine manifold, which means the engine can breathe a little easier and release more horsepower and torque. There is also an increase in fuel economy after installing a Cat Back Exhaust System. Another big benefit of a Cat Back Exhaust System is the sound they can produce. From a little more grunt to a full-on growl, you'll definitely notice the difference in your Challenger's sound after installing this Exhaust System. Performance Cat Back Exhaust 6.1L Engine 2008 - 2010 RSC no-drone technology 2.75-inch 304L stainless steel mandrel-bent tubing Stainless (Torca) clamps Polished 4-inch Pro-Series tips
  10. check out Roadracemotorsports.com they have alot of mopar items
  11. very nice
  12. nice rims..
  13. wow thats crazy...nice to know