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Everything posted by nd4topspd

  1. I missed out but we will meet up again I'm sure
  2. awesome Howie a lil faster this year are we!!
  3. I know the feeling to well it sucks Sure hope its found soon and in good shape
  4. Will this work for my time slip :-) my car has my slip in it 4 hrs away 11.91 at 115
  5. made my personal best of 11.91 at CF4!! oh and Im the proud driver that got shut down by Speedy breaking into the 10s :-) congrats Speedy
  6. From the album Hulk

  7. From the album Hulk

  8. Getting faster :-)
  9. I can tell ya Alan left me from 150 without the belt on :-)
  10. Wanting to install a clear bra on my car before it gets any worse. I found 3 small chips yesterday while detailing. I call the first place(4 hrs away) and they quoted me 575.00 to install it with a 5 year warrenty. Am I a tight wod or does that sound crazy expensive? I got another place calling back with another quote but thought I would throw it out there and see what everyone is paying and such. Thanks
  11. I'm starting to have Show Car withdraws and I aint even fast yet
  12. Ya like a better name would be my forum name Need 4 Top Speed
  13. just an update Had Auto Trim and Design install Clear Bra on both my challengers and so far had zero problems!! I have found using Maguires quick wax works very well on the bra and bugs wipe off easily and boy does the bra save on chips. Just wish I would have done GWE from day 1 Thats my 2cents :-)