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  1. Might be excessive crank end play and wear of thrust bearings. It will push out the front seal.
  2. They do run good, but self drive...NO!. The jury is still out for the looks.
  3. Supercharge. or better cam can make a noticeable difference. Also what gears you have? Lower diff can make big difference.
  4. Yeah, about all you can "legally" do is get loud. Punch em, and its jail time. Although I hear ya!
  5. Yeah, big assed headache with all the back order parts out there.
  6. OK, I now know that a calibration is not needed for this year. Just swap and go.
  7. OK, I now know that a calibration is not needed for this year. Just swap and go.
  8. I recently purchased a 3.07 rear diff to dump the factory 2.62 . I cant find a speedo calibration tuner anywhere. Does anyone know of a brand that can do this without buying an all out tuner system? Diablo had the Predator for earlier years, but not for newer years. Thanks
  9. I have a 2018 Charger, 3.6. I purchased a 3.07 ratio rear diff so I can dump the factory 2.62 . Now I cant find a speedometer calibration tuner for it. Diablo used to have the Predator for lower years. Does anyone know of a brand out there thats available? Thanks!