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  1. Thx, it's a great looking car for sure.
  2. Went to the dealership this morning for my stupid state inspection and I was looking around while waiting for them to finish and saw they had a 2017 TA 392 auto challenger on the lot in yellow. Looked like a nice car. Does anyone have any info on these? Looked like it was lowered and had some nice brakes 6 piston? Thx Earl
  3. Car is running great!
  4. Not going to make it this year, you guys have fun!
  5. GG, What are the build details?
  6. Looks clean, good find.
  7. That car is consistent at the track and a very reliable daily driver, will make someone real happy
  8. Yellow for the win!
  9. 10.8x at 126ish
  10. Thx H, the more I drive the more I like it.
  11. I know you wanted to puke when you looked at that...sorry!
  12. Thanks K
  13. Thx, think about the tech changes/updates over the past 15 yrs....I traded in a 2001.
  14. Thanks!