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30th Annual Coma Show 6-15-20136 Midwest City, Ok

What: 2013 Central Oklahoma MOPAR Assocation 30th Annual Show and Shine Car Show
When: Saturday, June 15th, 2013 9 AM-3 PM
Where: Midwest City, OK--Joe B. Barnes Park
How Much: $25 judged, $25 vendor space
Awards: Awards, Goody Bags, Door Prizzes...$250 cash prize to a lucky, registered participant
Web Site for More Info: http://okcmopars.org/ 

Come on out and see the best in Mopars from around the area as one of the oldest Mopar clubs in the US presents its' 30th Anniversary car show.

Drew sent me a flyer on the big COMA show coming up...I basically just transcribed it for you and filtered it into the usual format. Drew has attended several CICs (Roadrunner horn on 3rd Gen Charger)...


Sorry for the highlight...I've been very busy and am simply trying to get these up with a little notice.  I'd take the time to clear it out and blend it, but I'm strapped for time.  Had to just copy it from here: http://www.lonestarmopars.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=497



This is primarily older Mopars, but I've heard a few late models trickle in as well.  If I get any news of special interest cars going I'll update if possible.

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