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Atco Race Weekend Sale!!!



The MSHS Season Finale at Atco Sponsored by Billet Technology is upon us. Nick Billet and Alex are already well on their way to Jersey, and the Boss Lady and VP are flying in this afternoon. Team BT is VERY excited to see our friends, race and have an overall good time.


As the Event Sponsors we decided to step up and double the payouts at this years' Season Finale. Team BT decided we should keep with the spirit, and are offering race weekend sale! From now until November 9th, you can SAVE 15% as well as receive FREE SHIPPING on your order! Please see the article on the site for full details and the discount codes: http://billettechnology.com/bt/news/finally-mshs-14-atco-race-weekend/.


Look out New Jersey, here we COME!





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This is really awesome of BT, they are going above and beyond for the everyone and the Series.


Your Web-site /design is just as awesome! :)


Looking forward to seeing you there John and the BT Team, maybe you and I will line up again! :)

Linda :) 

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