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-Black-2.8 Kenne Bell Supercharger Head Unit Added+A 6.1 Oilpan & 6.1 Headers & Lot's Of Other Newly Added Items 4 Sale Due To My Cancelled Build

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IMG_24851_zpsb612498b.jpgIMG_27121_zps6010be6c.jpgIMG_44811_zpsf81dd08e.jpgHey guys I'm reposting some parts for sale that BFNY kindly had posted up for me and this list is as follows:  "For pics of any items just pm me an email address"


)The Whipple Kit above-SOLD
*) Like New Kenne Bell-Black-2.8 Big Bore Supercharger -Head Unit Only- with less than 500 miles of use on it and not as much as even a tool mark or scratch on it!!! This is ideal for you Kenne Bell guys that are either having your current head unit rebuilt or upgraded to the LC version with no downtime!!! New these retail for $2,199 but I'm asking $1,600 or Best Offer plus shippingIMG_64461_zpsj2caingz.jpg
-Up for sale is a like new set of FACTORY FORGED ALCOA'S with less than 50 miles of use on them for sale including the center caps but no tire pressure sensors for $1,200 picked up in Pittsburgh,PA. or plus shipping & paypal fees,thnx!!!   (SOLD)

I'm selling a nice used set of (6.1 SRT8 Headers-***SOLD***) & a nice 6.1 Oil Pan which are currently at BFNY's Shop in Cleveland Ohio. For the Headers I'm firm at $250 plus shipping & paypal fees and for the oil pan I'm asking $175 OBO since these have went up in price recently plus shipping & pp fees but you could save yourself some $ by picking them up in person so let me know and thnx for looking guys!!! Sorry, I don't have any pics but I'm sure that you guys know what these look like, lol!!! P.S. The Oil Pan fits 2008-2010 Dodge/Chrysler SRT8's with the 6.1 Litre Engine & will also fit 2013-2015 Challengers with the 6.4 Litre Engine plus 2015 Chargers with both the 6.4 & 5.7 Litre Engine and 2014 Chrysler 300 SRT8's with the 6.4 & 2015 Chrysler 300's with the 5.7 Litre Engine as per The Mopar Website. 






Just added to the list for sale is a Factory SRT8-6.1 Cat-Back Exhaust Complete with the factory tips and was removed from my 2009 Challenger SRT8-A-5 Car with only 1,100 miles of use and is in mint condition. Pickup is preferred since it would require it being cut up for shipping and I'm only asking $250 or best offer,pics to follow if needed.



I'm selling my 2016 SRT Track Experience Voucher which Retails for $699 & is now held in Arizona for 50% off at only $350 Firm. It's Fully Transferrable and good thru 11/09/2016. PM me for any details on the transfer and the sale of the certificate.    (SOLD) (SOLD) (SOLD)


1)-Brand New Dodge/Mopar  Challenger Trunk Liner Lid which retails for $130 and the 8)-Trunk Lid Plastic Fasteners that retail for $3.60 each & I'm including 9) of them. I'm Firm at $100 plus shipping anywhere in the CONUS plus paypal fees should you choose to use it as a form of payment.   (This Liner Matches The Trunks Floorboard Liner and is a nice finishing touch to the look of the Trunk. My 09 and my 2010 SRT8 Challenger never came with this Liner so I ordered it and never installed it)   (SOLD) (SOLD) (SOLD)






Up for sale also is these Brand New (Rear) Stop-Tech Perf. Brake Pads-Part# 309.1053. These retail for $104.25 & the cheapest you can find them anywhere is at Rock Auto who lists them for $50.79 plus an additional $7.14 in shipping costs totaling $57.93 so I'm firm at only $50.00 shipped to your door plus the paypal fees!!! These fit the rear of all: 2008-15 Dodge Challengers / 2006-15 Dodge Chargers / 2005-14 Chrysler 300's / 2006-08 Dodge Magnums & 2006-15 Jeep SRT8 Grand Cherokee Models. Theses are much better stopping power than the factory Brembo Pads with very little to No Dusting at a fraction of the cost of the Brembo's!!!  (SOLD)





I'm selling a like new set of Factory Dodge SRT8 Kicker Speakers for the Rear Deck and the front lower door panels, they're 6x9's & 6&1/2" speakers. These were removed when the car was first purchased and they sound much better than the standard Boston Acoustic speakers and would be a nice upgrade for anyone who interested? I'll take $125 plus $15 shipping and the paypal fees for them,thnx!!!   (SOLD)





Up for sale is a like new Diablo Sport Predator Tuner-U7135 that was only used Once & is Unmarried & ready to use!!! Also included is a brand new Power Cord which I purchased separately so you can power up he unit while uploading or downloading any updates without being plugged into the car. I paid an additional $27.28 for the power cord so I'm at $195.00 for this shipped to your door plus the paypal fees.I'd also be willing to sell it W/O the Power Cord for $175 shipped to your door!!! This will work on all 2006-2010 5.7 Magnum-Chargers and 300C / 2006-2010 SRT8 6.1-Magnum, Charger & 300C / 2006-2010 SRT8 Grand Cherokees / 2008-2010 Dodge Challenger SRT8 / & 2009-2010 Dodge Challenger-5.7 R/T.   "SOLD"




I'm selling a set of (4)-245/45/20 like new Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar Tires which have less than 250 miles on them and one of them that was replaced under warranty has zero miles on it and was never mounted!!!I'm asking $550 Plus shipping & paypal fees but prefer local pickup here in Pittsburgh,PA. Also for sale is (1)-255/45/20 Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar Tire with less than 100 miles on it for $155 plus shipping & pp fees. The 255 is the First Two Pics Posted,thnx!!! The set of 4-245/45/20 F1'S SOLD but there's still 1 F1 available that's like new in a 255/45/20 for sale guys,thnx!!!-255/45/20-Goodyear Eagle F1(SOLD)
I'm selling my like new Roto-Fab Cold Air Induction kit-part # 10162006,Fits 6.1 & 5.7 08-2010 Challengers. I paid $339.95 for it & it was used less than 250 miles & since I traded my car in so I thought I'd let it go for $285 shipped plus pp fees.  (SOLD)  
I have 7 like new factory ignition coils that were removed with less than 500 miles on them & I misplaced the 8th but I'm looking to get $25 each for them plus shipping or take them all for only $165 plus the shipping & paypal fees!!! (SOLD)


1 Set of 16 Factory OEM NGK PLZTR5A13 Double Platinum Laser Spark Plugs with less than 1,000 miles on the when removed from my 2010 Challenger SRT8 for a Supercharger Installation. These will fit only 6.1-Dodge Challengers, Chargers, & Magnums plus 05-2010 Chrysler 300's , They retail for $138.08 or $8.63 each at Rock Auto but I'm discounting that price by $5.50 each & am only asking $50 plus the $7.15 for the Priority Flat Rate Shipping.



(Roto-Fab Magnuson Supercharger adapter Kit fo sale) This kit connects the Magnuson Supercharger to the Roto-Fab CAI kit & is brand new and never opened. I paid $249.00 for the kit plus shipping and will take $225 shipped anywhere in the CONUS for it,thnx!!! Pic to follow soon!!
1-Set of Pirelli M & S Winter tires- (2)-275/40/20"s & (2)-245/45/20's Used for a few moths of one winter season with less than 500 miles on them!!! The 275/40/20"s Retail at $261.84 each new & the 245/45/20's were just a little less. I'm only asking $475.00 plus shipping & pp fees but prefer local pickup here in Pittsburgh,PA.-"SOLD" Thnx Kent!!!
1) Brand New Paramount NAG1 Trans W/Choice of new Paramount Converter-"SOLD"           2) Brand New 6.1 WHIPPLE Polished 2.9 Supercharger Tuner Kit-(Minus Injectors or Tuner) -$7,650-"SOLD"  3) New DeatschWerks-90Lb. Fuel Injectors-(For the Above Whipple Kit $650-"SOLD"    
4) New In the Box- Trinity Tuner/Part NO.T-1000 - $495-"SOLD"                  
5) Used-"Less than 100 Miles"- One Pair Of Livernois Stage 2 Ported Heads W/like new NGK Laser Platinum Factory Heat Range Spark Plugs & also like new 6.1 Rockers-$2,500-"NO CORE CHARGE"-I have over $3,200 invested in these heads & that's not including the cost of the free 6.1 rockers & spark plugs!!! "Heads are still Available" & Are Now Best Offer Plus Shipping & Paypal Fees!!! P.S Livernois uses a set of brand new Mopar 6.1 Castings and not a set of used 6.1 heads when they port and assemble these heads.       "SOLD" - Thanks again Justin!!!"
6)Used- DSS 2-Piece Driveshaft-Made by Paramount for any SRT NAG1-Challenger - $850-"Back up for sale again"   The Driveshaft has been officially "SOLD"
7)New In the Box- 1-set of Billet Technology Satin Valve Covers - $950- "Only one was opened to take a pic & the other is still factory sealed" "Open To Best Offers" "SOLD"
8)New-Set of Billet Technology Coilpack Covers-Satin Finish W/"426 HEMI" Engraved In Them - "SOLD"
9)HHP-1000HP Axles-"SOLD"
10)New- API-Single Competition Fuel Pump - $499-"SOLD"
11)New- Inertia Blower Cam - $485-"SOLD"
12)Used for less than 1,500 miles- Lunati Blower Cam - $375 or best offer plus shipping & pp fees / I can email a vid clip of this cam too!!! "Still Available"  *SOLD*       


 IMG_37811_zpsd3c66060.jpg                                                                                                                                                                      13)New Mopar 6.1 Oilpump - $225.00- "SOLD"
14)New 6.1 Timing Chain Set - $105.00 _ "TWO" New set's available- "One Set Sold" & "One Left For Sale"
The first set sold was a genuine Mopar set & the second set I have is an aftermarket set that's the 2nd photo shown after the Mopar set. The Mopar set has the green & black chain guides & the aftermarket set which is still in the wrapper has only black chain guides. The Aftermarket 6.1 Timing Chain Set Reduced to $75 shipped plus pp fees or you can gift the amount,thnx!!!
 IMG_3264_zpsewde6oav.jpg                                                                                                                                                                                        15)Used- Magnaflow High Flow Cats with less than 1,500 miles on them and these have the AFR Bung Tig Welded into the drivers side- $450 "SOLD" - THANKS TO ERIK AT BFNY FTW!!!
16)New In The Box- Zeitronix ZT-3 Wideband AFR Controller with O2 Sensor/Harness-Signal Harness/Serial Datalogging Cable/Data Splitter Included for Simultaneous display & datalogging use / Installation Instructions - Plus a New ZR-1 Gauge-Machined Brushed Bezel-Blue Led with Black background on the face of the gauge- $350-"SOLD"  
17)New Fragola Performance PTFE Lined Stainless Fuel Hose -6 AN (20 Feet) $160-"SOLD"   
18)New Russell Performance Push On-Quick Connect Fuel line Fitting-#Rus-644123 (2 of them)-$30-"SOLD"
19)New Painless Performance Universal Fuse Block-3 Circuit-part# 70213- $65.00-"SOLD"
20)Used SFI 29.1 Paramount Flexplate- $175-"SOLD"
21)New 55LB. Stage 1 - SRT4 577cc -Siemens Deka Injectors- These were on sale for $499.95 but my price is ($400 Or BEST OFFER) for the never used set of 8. These are the same ones that come in the Magnuson Kit for 6-8 Lbs. of boost. ***SOLD-SOLD-SOLD***
22)New Razors Edge Dual Gauge Pillar Pod-Fits 08-14 Dodge Challenger-Dark Charcoal-Black-$200-"SOLD"
23)New Diablo Sport Trinity Gauge Pod Mount-Part # T-1020-$20.00-Pending Sale
24)New Diablosport Trinity Analog Cable-$15.00-"SOLD"
25)New MOTORAD-Part#416180/ 180 Thermostat-$25.00 It was only placed in the Duralast Box due to the original MOTORAD box being thrown out. It's stamped"MOTORAD" & "GERMANY" on each side.-"No Longer 4 Sale"
26)New Dayco Belt Tensioner-Fits any 6.1/5.7 motors-$45.00-"SOLD"
27)New Mopar NAG1 Transmission Pan Gasket-$20.00 
28)New Mopar NAG1 Harness Plug W/Oring-Part# 68021352AA-This is the connector that usually leaks-$30.00
29)Used very little- Mopar OEM Chrome T-Handle Automatic Shifter Handle With the M-Mopar Logo & Lettering-$100-"SOLD"
30)New-Billet Technology Polished Factory 2" SRT8 Wheel Center Caps W/SRT Engraved in Center-$100-(SOLD)
31)New-Billet Technology Challenger Front Nose Badge-Black-W/SRT "Full Etched" Engraved-$50.00-"SOLD"
32)New-Genuine Oem Mercedes matching Stainless/Rubber Parking Brake Pedal Cover to Match the SRT8 Stainless/Rubber Pedals-$25.00-"SOLD"
33)New NGK Irridium IX / 1-Step Colder Spark Plugs for Supercharged Motors-LZTR6AIX-13-$115.00 shipped to your door anywhere in the CONUS. *SOLD*
34)Used-Razors Edge Front Strut bar-Fits the Dodge Challengers-$230 "SOLD"
35)Used-K &N Air Filter that's like new-Part# 33-295-$40 "SOLD" 


36)Used-Mopar Wheel Locks-Two Sets-Both are M14 X 1.5 & Used less than 1 month-I Paid $43.88 - $30 for each set=Both Sets of Mopar Wheel Locks "SOLD"

36)a-I'm listing a Brand New Set of Gorilla Chrome Wheel Locks W/Warranty-Registration Card that fit all Challenger & Hellcat models as well as many others with the 14mm x 1.50 Thread size for only $25 shipped anywhere in the CONUS. *SOLD*
37)New-Mopar 2-Bar Map Sensor-Part#5033224AB-$30-"SOLD"
38)Used-Arrington Cast 85MM TB-Fit's 2005-2012 5.7 & 6.1 & is a Direct Bolt on for 2011&2012 5.7&392 Hemi's-$350-"SOLD"
39)-K & N BLACKHAWK CAI-Part# 71-2545-$250.00 -This is the Black "Dry Air Filter" Setup-New Lowered Price is $225 Shipped To Your Door- * This kit fit's 2011-2014 Challenger,Charger & 300's with the 392 Motor. (SOLD)
40)-Used-Drake Billet Strut bar Covers-$65-"SOLD"
41) Two Brand New Mopar O2 Sensors-Paid  $56.95 each & they fit either the up or downstream on all 05-07)or 08&up Hemi's-$45 each or 2 for $80 plus shipping & pp fees.-(SOLD)
42)Used-V.2 Lockpick- I have a slightly used Lockpick 4 sale that I used on my 2010 for only 2months and then on my 09 for 3 months-I paid $289 for it and will take $175 for it. SOLD


43) Two Take-Off Rear Srt8 Rotors off of my 2010 Challenger SRT8 with less than 1,000 miles on them-$50 Plus shipping & Paypal fees 

44) Like New Front & Rear Brembo Take-Off Brake Pads off of my 2010 Challenger SRT8 with less than 200 miles on them $100 plus shipping & PP Fees. 

If Anyone Wants the Brembo Brake Pads and the Rear SRT8 Rotors I'd take $150 & split the shipping with you plus the pp fees guys,thanks again MM Forums!!!
                                                                                                                                                                           All Items are plus shipping and the paypal fees unless they're picked up in person & paid in Cash,Thanks!!!

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Who taught you how to do that?



Mike,I'm pretty sure you did,lol!!! Or maybe it was Kenny idk??? Whoever it was I really appreciate the advice on how to figure out how in the hell to post up some pics!!!


man that whipple kit is some serious car porn!!! thats one purty sob!!!!!!

Hey thanks Jeff, it sure is brother!!! The Whipple is by far the nicest put together kit I've seen!!! I'm sure there's someone who doesn't want to wait a month or two to get one polished that could benefit greatly with purchasing mine!!!

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I snagged the driveshaft!




*************Didn't fit my application, working for a fix. We'll see as I may not be able to use it after all*************

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