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2014 electrical/ trans help

Truck is a 2014 Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 with the cummins motor and the automatic trans. Truck was bought new and has been very good until recently. It currently has 185K on odometer and I use the truck for hauling trailers  usually heavy ones.  In January  while towing a double car trailer with two retired police cars the Check Engine Light (CEL) came on for a torque convertor lockup code, so I brought it to my local transmission guy as he has built me several transmissions in the past for some of my other  vehicles that have worked out well.  He installed a  D72420 solenoid body , two filters D 72415 Sensor, Torque convertor,  T71265A shift kit, D 72519C front pump, and a 72002C overhaul kit. Truck was ok but I was getting some kind of noise while hot under load and shifting of course this could not be duplicated when I brought it to him. the noise sounded like a high pitched set of gears not meshing. Drove truck like this for a couple months and then started getting a code that the trans lines were  not getting enough pressure code P0868 and another code for high temperature operation P0218. Dodge recommended that we " replace the transmission and transmission cooler "  I called back the guy who did the transmission  and he asked me to bring it back.  He took the whole transmission down again and replaced  the Chrysler valve body plate with a bonded one  7232BA, two filters  A72010 A & B,  installed a line pressure booster kit S72741H and installed a  68186711AB transmission cooler bypass . He claims to have run the truck for several ten mile test drives and stated he had the trans issues resolved, and I went to pick up the truck. I literally drove less than 1000 feet and the  CEL comes on and  I immediately  pulled into a drive and got code P0841 which corresponds to the  transmission pressure sensor that  my trans guy says he replaced. The truck went into limp mode and I slowly brought it back to him where he verified the fluid level, then used a Matco wireless scanner to  try to clear the code. He did this several times but the truck refused to come out of limp mode.  He claims all the sensors installed were Chrysler ones.  So I leave the truck with him and this morning he calls me  and says he came in  truck started no problem  not in limp mode and he drove it about ten miles shifts fine  no CEL and no limp mode and I went and picked it up. It drove fine coming home  trans not above 165 degrees. Im going to drive it again later and see what happens but does anyone have any suggestions?  Im thinking it may be a TCM or ECM issue and they or one needs to be flashed?  Any and all help appreciated as I use the truck to make a living and I generally travel out of state to pick up a trailer and bring it back   Cant have this happening on the road interstate. Thank you for your help

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