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Hey everyone! i just joined you all to try and get to the bottom of an issue i ran into and i cant seem to figure out what to do and nobody around here has a clue i guess.. I broke my crank shaft in my 2015 dodge charger 5.7 and when we tore the engine down i bought another stock crank from Oreillys and took my other one back for a core exchange. what they didnt tell me is that the new one did not come with the reluctor wheel. We didn't find this out until we went to bolt the transmission up and noticed it was missing. We had a guy bring over a reluctor wheel and its a 4 bolt but the crank shaft is a 3 bolt? So we immediately assumed it was the wrong crankshaft so we tore the engine back down and i took the crankshaft back.. Let me back up just a bit... we had to get the crank shaft from oreillys machined because my forged rod and main bearings wouldn't fit, they were too tight so i would up getting new rod and main bearings that were thinner ID on top of getting the crank polished so they would fit right. I should have known something wasn't right at that time but i wasn't thinking.  i ordered another crankshaft off of ebay and the post said ( 2015 dodge charger 5.7 police cruiser ) got the crankshaft here and opened it and its the same 3 bolt that i got from oreillys? i don't know what is going on and i never even looked at my crank to see what the heck i had before. The mods that are done to my car is ( F-1a Procharger, Forged internals, mild cam, huge fuel pump, high-rise intake, headers ) i don't know the specific parts numbers and such but i know the crank was factory by the stamp on it ending in AA. I cant afford to buy another crankshaft that is not going to work. I was going to go forged but they don't make one for the 5.7 unless i stoke it or find a way to put a 6.1 crank in it. Please correct me if im wrong! This is my first mopar and i love it! i just wish i could find the correct crankshaft!! Please, any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Give High Horse Performance sales a call 18888941115

HHP  is very experienced Hemi Performance company and also with F1 A Procharger builds. They carry a huge stock of parts.



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