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  1. $850 + $50(shipping)
  2. SOLD
  3. I bought my longblock in november and only received in july... he said ray barton lost the order ... I was very disappointed for that ...
  4. so I started few years ago with a ''cam only'' and after added paxton novi 1200 at 9psi but with 127 000miles its a timer bomb... but very happy with performance 300c full weight 93oct. 11.18 at 121mph so last year I bought a longblock from A2speed 6.1 stroked 6.4 with thitek head 9.7:1 of comp for boost and rear end DSS 9'' from hemisam I sold my paxton novi and next winter I will instal a single turbo 88mm my goal is 1000hp with pump gas so this summer I try my new setup N/A I can not wait to try this
  5. SOLD
  6. .

  7. Sold
  8. sold
  9. bump !
  10. set of getrag 226mm axles no tone ring 300$/set + shipping and paypal fee... in good condition no shaft play
  11. good thx for feedback
  12. my goal is around 150mph for 1/4 miles with a nag1 my question is what is the best 3.73 vs 4.10 3.73 4th gear at 6500 with 30'' tire its 155mph 4.10 4th gear at 6900 with 30'' tire its 150mph thx for your help !
  13. What is the limit of hellcat diff ?
  14. I know the best choice is 9'' DSS but it have other choice at better price ? like 2015+ rear end ? demon axle can fit ?