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  1. I recently switched over to an MPVI2 as well, I love it over the diablo trinity.
  2. yep! For $845 I can ship it there though, I may do that and then roadtrip it back home.
  3. Thanks guys, BFNY is closer to me that OST so that would be the furthest I would go. I know it would be well worth it, i have read so many good things since i got my car in 2013 about Erik and seen so many quality builds his shop has done. I will keep looking around this week a bit more and then start calling shops with BFNY being first to see if they are willing to take on the work. Far from Austin but....ROADTRIP??
  4. Hi everyone, i have not been on here in a while but occasionally lurk around still. Life keeps happening and I have been staying busy with some career moves at work but its time to get my baby out of the garage and back on the street! I have an 18' Durango RT that is currently my daily driver and I love it but I'd like to get back to the track this spring with my car. Current needs: I have a CEL on for a couple of codes, I can post them up if anyone is interested but I don't remember them off the top of my head. I need to get those figured out and I need tuning to be done. I also need to be able to get it inspected and I think once i clear the CEL's and get a proper tune I will have no issues with that. I currently am looking for a qualified shop to work with for both of those but have not had any luck yet so I am looking for suggestions. Current wants: Depending on what if anything is needed to clear my CEL i'd like to get some work done on my car. For example, if the shop needs to pull the heads then I would probably want to put some ported heads back on, but I am at 555rwhp currently with a mild tune and 5.9 lbs of boost (6lb pulley) and the weak spot in my block are my rods, they are still stock. I have read that close to or at 600rwhp is where I would start to need worrying about throwing a stock rod? If i do get my rods swapped out for some forged I would like to throw an 8lb pulley on and I would also need a new drive shaft and possibly rear axle? My goal is to get up to between 620-650 rwhp without breaking shit. My biggest need at the moment is just finding a reputable shop that I can talk to about all of this and the immediate need is getting my car inspected and back on the road, does anyone have suggestions in or around Texas on who i can work with? I live in Austin, Tx and am willing to drive it to a shop and for the right place i'd consider shipping it. I need a shop with good mechanics that are familiar with Kenne Belle Superchargers ideally and that either do in house tuning or work with someone for remote tuning, ideally this shop has a dyno too. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Current setup is a 392 block with forged pistons and a 2.8l Kenne Belle Supercharger and a mild blower cam.
  5. That is awesome!! Congrats!
  6. Is this option available with a trinity? What temp would you set it to? I can't get my car inspected right now because my 02 sensors are not cycling. If i could fix this myself that would be fantastic!
  7. Awe snap, i have my eye on that driveshaft. Let me try and scrape some change together for it. GLWS. Where are you located just out of curiosity?
  8. I was revving up to 2k rpm and then mashing it and launching, maybe i should not be launching at 2k?
  9. Thanks for the feedback everyone i guess maybe the only mod that is needed at the moment is the driver mod I have always told myself that i will never just throw horsepower at my car unless i am getting the fastest 1/4 times that i can possible with my setup and more power is the ONLY way i can go faster. It seems the case right now is that i need to learn to drive it better at the track although I do want to start looking into drive train upgrades. I will keep things as is, and work on launching and my 60ft. I have data logs from the 4 passes i made the last time i went to the track so i am going to try and start the process to get those over to OST so they can take a lookie and then go from there. I'll post more slips when i get them, thanks again!
  10. 15.5 in the rears and 40 in the fronts. 3.06 gear ratio.
  11. Agreed i thought i would get into the 11's for sure. Here is the slip, i am in the right lane. I was running 28x10x17 hoosier slicks and 4.5" front skinnies.
  12. Its an Auto. 2013 R/T
  13. Understood but what about my transmission? I was told i needed to upgrade it before i put an 8lb pulley on?
  14. I just did not have the extra 1k at the time when i had my block rebuilt to get forged rods :-( I will get them done at some point soon if i dont break something first that needs immediate fixing. I track my car at least once a month and REALLY want to throw that 8lb pulley on.
  15. 600 hp ,700 lbs of TQ @3400 rpm.

    1. CruzKing


      no problems with getrag srt axles and stock drive shaft at 5oo hp and 490 tq.