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  1. This sounds like lots of fun, and pretty hard to make a Challenger go slow.
  2. Officially, I'm challenging BART's evil twin Blakdeth. Bring it on ADH.
  3. If Sybil signs up, I will challenge the lot of you. I'm guessing with all the tail wagging in her welcome thread, I will be the only one on my game at the tree.
  4. Got my shirt Greg. Thanks for getting it shipped Renfrick.
  5. Badges of honour.
  6. Yay, only a week from Saturday. Can't wait to see this smaller one.
  7. Woohoo, looking forward to it. I might mount my GoPro on the car for parts of the trip.
  8. I'm in the BBQ thread on CT. I can bump it.
  9. Great, thanks again for doing this.
  10. I'm looking forward to seeing mine.
  11. Still trying to make this Stevo. Viper? That would be sooooo cool. It's my second favourite car.
  12. Dave & I are still working toward this too.
  13. I can bring some dessert too BT. I promised JZ some of my lemon and lime tarts .
  14. I will not be dieting these 3 or 4 days either, cake or no.