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  1. only happens in 1st and 2nd gear at WOT, car babbles and lags but 3rd and 4th at WOT its fine. Changed the plugs thinking they were fouled but that wasn't the issue. stock 5.7 block with a Maggie at 8lbs, JBA Shorty headers, borla atak exhaust and API single comp fuel pump. Any suggestions would be helpful, thanks guys and gals.
  2. Soon as I find my slip from CF6 ran my best of 12.4 something. Can't seem to find shit after returning home from a 6month gig! Post it soon as I find it!
  3. I wish i had Indiana tags! my other car does and i love there no inspections. next visit to Indiana, you bet your ass im re-registering my car. Thanks for the Info Speedy. Be going back in a few days and will make sure to do this and stop at advance on the way and use there obd2. AJ is helping me with this at the moment.
  4. No worries Ron, will be taken care of.
  5. Here's my question to you AJ, how could you be so sure they are not turned off? Im not trying to pick a bone here, there could be multiple things here causing it. And it doesn't help me the Mech was like well i don't know what it is, they guy didn't know apple butter from baby shit. You may be right, they way i drive isn't exactly normal nor by law which could cause the o2 to not pass twice. The guy couldn't go into details, they just had me drive it until tank was between 1/2 and 3/4 full and came back to re test.
  6. no i got the trinity. I will try one last time and if it is the rear O2 sensors then... thank you all for the help, lesson learned.
  7. OBD testing and stock headers and stock mids, just borla atak catback
  8. Ok so I go to the dealership, failed inspection twice for Oxygen Sensor and Catalyst Monitor. I have a 2014 RT with the Magnuson Supercharger from Arrington. I call Arrington and ask if its the tune causing the O2 failure when doing the Emissions test and if there is anything they can do to pass the inspection, they tell me no, 2011 and up have not came out with a EO for the maggies. So tell me, I know there are plenty of 2011 and up running maggies that need Emission testing, any issues with this or what can be done to pass an inspection?