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  1. Lucky you, started at 189000 miles. I'm up to 104000 miles and vibration is there sporadically, light but annoying nonetheless.
  2. I'm not even a lifetime member!
  3. That would be great in winter!
  4. Sounds cool, Kevin. Can't beat the classics!
  5. Ya, sorry for being butt hurt
  6. *yawn* Gee, thanks for the free forum for many many years?
  7. I had this vibration on a 2013 8 speed 4x4. It got progressively worse with the years. Last May, I drove 1000 miles with a trailer and it was unbearable. 65-71 mph. This is my third set of tires, 96000 miles on the truck. A few months ago one of the front axles splines gave way while in 4x4 (the other front side was replaced 2yrs ago) but since there's no part number for the axle, the whole front diff needed replaced (what a fucking crock of shit). I also put new front sway links and new front lower ball joints, and no more vibration.
  8. Low 10s & high 9s. That is solid, J. I've been enjoying watching you push it forward. Nice work man.
  9. ^^ yeah.. wtf are they thinking.
  10. Mileage. Check the tensioners and look for play. New timing sets are not that expensive.
  11. Love seeing this come together. One hell of a lot of work!
  12. Those were the days
  13. That's great news Greg!