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  1. The real solution is to prevent the turning oil inside from rushing under the deflector plate and try to get out. With just a little gasket applied at the right spot inside around the deflector, you can do that. My catch can is always empty since then and the air can still go in and out without problem.
  2. FYI, I've tried the "BFSALE" code in my cart and it gave me this error : Coupon code "BFSALE" is not valid. Edit : Never mind, it works if certain items the special applies to is in the cart.
  3. Congratulations ! That transmission is holding up well
  4. Not sure really. I always get a little lower mph when I make a better time with all else being equal. This time I think I had 0 slip and my 1-2 shift was slow because I got surprised by the aggressive pull. Other shifts were good. I used to get 115-117 mph on average but worse ET. Not sure what happened to the rear end or axles. I'll check this weekend. I hope it's not the rear end. I'm tired of taking it out.
  5. Thx. The only new thing was a two-step I installed more than a year ago. It's my first time to the track in two years due to the diff shitting itself until Mani overhauled it. In case it helps others, the N2MB settings were 4000rpm launch and .125sec no-lift-shift delay. 3800RPM was too low and bogged down.
  6. Finally got in the 11s And on one axle ! Thanks Steven and Sam for the help and support today. Thanks Mani for fixing that Diff last year. 1.591 60ft 11.829 ET 114.21 MPH Feels like the left axle is clunking when I turn sharp especially left. The burnout was a peg-leg and that wheel didn't turn. I'll know more when I take it apart later. It got me home at least :-)
  7. My slow ass will be there. Ah so mani will get a hellcat if I read between the lines correctly. Cool
  8. Eh! Congrats Craig
  9. Seems like it's all pneumatic so no potentiometer. They don't show the internals but it looks like a pneumatic shutoff valve (the switch) and one flow control valve (the screw). The flow control valve would make the pulling of the diaphragm for the bypass valve slower given the restriction in flow. Just a thought from looking at the video.
  10. Last year a cop stopped me for going 0 to speed limit too enthusiastically. It was cold and he had mitts on that he slapped on the door and when he pulled them off a metal clip on the mitts grabbed the trim piece and cracked it. It was fine before that and the passenger side is fine. At least he said he never saw anyone go off so fast (up to speed limit) in his life before. It kind of compensate for the pain. No ticket, just a talking to...
  11. Thx for the part numbers
  12. Cool. I'll record the replay tomorrow
  13. The MaxJax2 one looks OK for guys with low-clearance. It's 2K$ but you need a good concrete floor. http://www.maxjaxusa.com/ http://www.viddler.com/v/ade11e5d
  14. Nice job. The grouping starts to be close at the top
  15. Thanks. I hope to give you some work again next month. .