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  1. who ever did the caulking job on that door needs to be shot....
  2. who ever did the caulking job on that door needs to be shot....
  3. you know.... in my past life id call you a pussy.... but right now i agree with you 110%..... fuck these cars ....
  4. both after turbo.
  5. aj got my challenger to pass Legitimately........ seriously..... and my car is all kinds of fucked up.
  6. if you paid 2500 for just a cam, i got news for you....... rape. custom cams are the way to go.... sit with the builder and work out the details of your build..... having a cam built for your package is the best way to go..... and dont forget...... shelf cams started life as custom cams.
  7. why do the oil cans hang soo low....
  8. whats it rated for
  9. 40 extra hp?
  10. corrected
  11. sorry.... lenginfelter supposedly
  12. livernois is taking over....... i think
  13. Confirmed fitment today, so be on the lookout for these in the VERY near future.
  14. Sold through AAD for sure. But I'm going to contact a few more vendors about stocking them as well. I had originally made 10 sets to get the ball rolling. But those sets look like they are all gone so there's another 30 in que