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  1. That's really good. Congrats.
  2. What did it run in the quarter at CF?
  3. Besides, Goehner needs money for a new stroker Would you like all the Life members to re-up? That might help with your new engine. And, uhh...you really haven't spilled the beans. What the hell are you doing????
  4. Saweet! That's gotta be one impressive pile of parts. I have two Sons home from college too for Christmas. I'm almost glad we have quite a bit of snow...gonna keep them out of the Challenger!
  5. So, you wouldn't believe my 7.62 at 198.64 mph? Humph!
  6. Don't worry, you're in the top 10 too. Nice of Alan to give us all that free shit, isn't it?
  7. I think the first 10 Lifetime Members on the list should each get a free hat, shirt, (size XL) EZ Up, Cooler, coozie, and maybe a super rare, MMF folding chair. Whatta ya think, Alan? This place is really rolling along...GREAT JOB, ALAN!!
  8. Had to have at least one thread in here. Ok, so be honest...how many of you have been beat by an SRT4?
  9. My Son in Law has a 955i that my Daughter bought him for a wedding present. Tons of torque, and he has 34,000 miles too. Sure your name isn't Jesse? He has ridden the Dragon about 30 times. He rides his bike down from central Pa. a couple times a year just to ride that piece of Heaven.
  10. Just sold my 1997 916 and a Monster 600. Didn't ride them enough to justify keeping them. Should have kept the 916...I bought it new and it only had 900 miles on it in 14 years.
  11. It was fun back then. I put an American Turbo Pak kit on my CBX, ran 10's at 132 (in 1980 with a 4" rear tire and plastic swing arm bushings), and blew the sucker up at the NED bracket finals at Maple Grove. Ruined the track for over two hours. Number 6 connecting rod snapped and band sawed the case. Now I'm old and slow. Speedy, you're dead on about the torque...that why we picked a triple over a four to play with.
  12. This is funny. I used to roadrace a 1980 Kawasaki KZ 550. Right before the GPZ's came out. Nobody told me it wasn't supposed to be a race bike, so in my stupidity, I won C Production, B production and C Superbike races at Pocono Raceway, Nelson Ledges and Watkins Glen.. And came in 2nd in the National C production class. Damn...what was I thinkin'! Now i ride a HD Screamin' Eagle Road Glide, and my Son and I have a Triumph Daytona 675 for track days. Anybody that thinks you NEED a liter bike to go fast doesn't know how to ride.
  13. "located in California willing to travel for sure thing" Bring the wheels/tires to Pa and I'll buy 'em. Thanks, Rob