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  1. I glad to have a whippled srt instead of a hellcat,even though hellcat is less money in the long run probably by far ,But I believe in built not bought so it cost $$ to play this “game” 

  2. WTB one if anyone has one they used already?
  3. WTB

    Gen 3 hemi valve spring compressor
  4. Yea I drove don nuts!
  6. WTB

    2015 6.4 blower ,injectors,and big gas or thitek heads
  7. I’m interested in buying this it’s the cam and what springs,Comp phase lock
  8. $1000 to install cam and headers same time $750 for cam tops ,lifters if needed $400
  9. That price is RIDICULOUS and it must b tsj
  10. Hello
  11. 2015 6.4 challenger blower and long tubes fuel pump injectors etc
  12. However engine masters did a 5.7 from junkyard truck and Comp 274 with srt headers stock heads and got 80 hp under the curse 100 hp gain peak I personally don’t care for Dyno Numbers as they r NOT real but maybe the 274 is that good ,my mechanic hates Comp and only works with inertia/crower cams
  13. I guess I paid $775 for cam $ 400 for all hellcat lifters not bs Mds delete and $100 for Comp phase limiter and $1000 to install with srt headers that is a good price ! and that’s what people are looking at with 09 plus vvt cams(unless of course u do the work) Imo right now aftermarket cams for these cars are NOT worth the outcome period