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  1. kansas city. the track is us36 dragway in osborn mo. car wasnt real fast at that point. i got the rest of the fire suit gloves etc..and neck restraint in route. we finally figured out issues saturday but driver error and camera persons fucked up all night. last pass it was on a monster run. however bumped pass the staging and fucked the run up for a clocked pass. we got it to build boost on the tbrake and it made 5psi start to finish. it was motivating for sure but no slip cus of it. i gotta sit in it and just make racecar noises till i get the linelock setup mentally correct. then ill be good to go. the linelock is backwards from 40yrs of training/racing differently. thst is a very hard habit to "brake"lol
  2. best pass of the night 4+ seconds into pass before it saw positive intake pressure of a mear 128kpi or about 4psi
  3. it runs. going agwin saturday for 2nd tnt try. maybe leave on some boost.
  4. badass
  5. 2020 white with black. couldnt find a color i wanted scat pack. so fuck it. 7k cheaper 5.7 rt and fully loaded ish. good family car. finaly rid of the camaro. and those nose bananas are long gone. removing the goofy daytona decals on the hood, roof, trunk and quarters. just wanna plain jane looking charger. bit louder than i wanted but is what it is. would of gotten a scat back but searched 400 miles to no avail in colors desired black, white,destroyer gray, granite, octane red. had an orange but that color is waaayy to loud for our taste.
  6. good to know. i skipped out. was gonna buy one today but couldnt meet my requirements. maybe in the spring or summer i might look for something else.
  7. dayum. didnt know that ran that good. tomorrow should be fun if i sign for one.
  8. trying to pick one up tomorrow. how good do they run? im ridding of the 14ss camaro i just got. need an automatic so srt 6.4 charger it is. i have ran a few tinkering around town in my camaro. i was always able to pull for the short amount of spirt against them. im hoping that is driver or gearing error at speed attempted? i have yet to drive one at this point. the 1 i want is in iowa. so i wanted to see what you experts know about them. im very excited to finally get me a damn mopar daily in the driveway. triple black of course red calipers.
  9. prolly should update since the car is done. its cold and already had some snow. ive got a fee odds n ends and good ol twice over eveeything. hook a few sensors in and thats it. it will be out come spring time or late winter testing on warm warm days. nope no pics right now. gotta get it fired up first. maybe a mayden voyage while tuning some street cruising. the biggest slowdown now is paying thst chassis bill...oof is all i can say. tryin to start a company, deal with on goin medical issues etc.. has stopped about everything right now. but we are done more or less. just some finer details wrapping it up etc..
  10. what is the actual date? since my car is completed now. i can schedule the road trip for it.
  11. you know how many old school guys told me to lube them damn seals.....all of them. i just rolled my eyes.
  12. talk about badass. amazing, builds and races and wins in all those catagories.