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  1. Took a little over three hours. Then we took this one down and set up a surprise layout to be announced at a later date , sports fans will be impressed!
  2. Myself and the wife will be up to go burn through som ammo.
  3. Speedy they still don't have space to enter screen name but mine is wbhvacer@yahoo.com Ordered two XL shirts . Thanks
  4. how much is it to run the mile?
  5. I sure will Thanks Miss Lisa!!
  6. Not yet she is still getting use to it, but i hope to get her to do the 1320 at cf8. I told her just run through the gears on your first run no one will pressure you , then next time give it some more beans and each time you'll get less nervous. By sat she will be doing pro stock style smoky burnouts !
  7. Yep was doing it in the pic .
  8. Happy Wife rowing the gears in the Scat !
  9. My 1500 rides better than my Scat Pack !
  10. Greg we will be there this year also and can help if you need no problem at all.
  11. Thanks i know you have way much on your plate .
  12. Will be nice to see all of you guys again.
  13. Speedy We paid for track with paypal this am but still no memo spot .
  14. Not the best pic but we missed the Challengers badly so here is the new member of the family.