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  1. Thanks anyway
  2. I have an old 08 Caliber SRT 4 with a turbo 2.4 and it doesn't use oil even with 140K miles on it. I'm sure it's been worked on but I have had it for 18 months and never have to add oil to it
  3. It's been a long time ago that I was on here but finally get to geI a garage ornament and I ordered a 21 Challenger Scat Pack 3 weeks ago and it was D satus the next busseness day and I got the VIN but hasn't moved since. Has the factory started making them yet? I see 21 Rams and Jeeps on the lots but no Challengers or chargers. Thanks for any info you have on when they will be available. Thanks Rick F
  4. From the album CF4

  5. From the album CF4

  6. From the album CF4

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  14. I can't believe that Dodge can say they never heard of that problem. It's been in the tips and tricks threads every since I started looking in 2010. It use to say to use the sprays like the other guys said but to say they never heard of it is REALLY BULLSHIT!
  15. From the album Loyds Road Runner

    Engine bay of Loyds Engins bay..He says that spark box will knock you on your ass