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  1. The wife and I went on vacation a couple of weeks ago. While my 2010 2500 with Cummins diesel was parked at the airport terminal, someone stole the CAT. Anyone that's done a delete want to sell thier CA, know where I can get a used one or know where I get a new one for a decent price? I've found some sites that have em for about three grand plus the core charge. My local Dodge dealer wants 4400.00 plus an 800.00 core. Part number - 52122196AD
  2. Actually, I still haven't fixed it. I think I'm going to try contact cement though.
  3. I'm thinking contact glue but I've got to make sure it's pulled down right the first time cause with contact cement, there is no do over.
  4. Anyone experiencing their dash deformibg around the vents? How did you fix it? I've got this, at all three on my 09 Challenger.
  5. Has anyone done anything with the newer Darts? I've got an employee that has one. I'm not sure the year or model. I'm pretty sure it's not the turbo charged version. I thought I read that diablo had a tuner for them but I digress.
  6. Anyone running LEDs on their 09s? How much brighter are they? Part numbers? I'm running the sequential light kit from web electric. Would this create an issue for LED lights? I've got one bulb burned out and thought I'd replace them all with LED if I can. 2009 R/T Challenger.
  7. ^^^^THIS^^^ I said that to my wife when they called Florida for Trump! I bet those crooked arse Aholes were having heart palpitations!!
  8. Voted 1st day of early voting here in Texas. Hoping to ride the TRUMP train all of the way to the whitehouse!!!
  9. WTF?!?!? I didn't even get to send her my best nudie pics of myself.
  10. What, no blower on it???
  11. I ran fluidyne when I was racing dirt bikes! Bad ass radiators for sure!!
  12. Now, that would make it a real fun car to drive!!!
  13. Anyone ever own one? We have a friend that has a 2005 SRT convertible that she needs to sell. She's currently wanting too much but it might be a fun little car if it's not a POS. Are there any tuning options for an 05 turbocharged V6?
  14. I used to work with this guys Dad and two uncles. Pretty damn fast for a diesel!
  15. Someone posted these rims on FB for 100 bucks. I don't know if they are the factory rims or an aftermarket brand. I've only seen this pic. Does anyone recognize the brand, would they work on our cars and would you recommend them for drag radials or slicks? Don't yet know the rim width but she claims the tires are 235/55/17" Thanks!