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  1. Hope to see some of you OGs next month at CF12. www.challengerfest.net
  2. Well, this time last year I ran 5 passes, took my time, had a great day with good weather and ended the season on a good note with several high nine and very low 10 passes testing things in some good air. Dialed the car in pretty good at ChallengerFest back in September and ran a 9.84 at 137 in +2000 DA so I was looking forward to some screaming times as I ended the season. NOPE!
  3. Took a pandemic vacation LOL. Had a ball.
  4. I believe we're going to be able to have that as well.
  5. Ok, rebooted. We're on for leading in to the Moparty event in September. ChallengerFest racing will be on Thursday Sept 17, Car show Friday Sept, 18 in the evening, and Holley's Moparty for the weekend as well, so we get an extended weekend of car stuff. Full schedule at www.ChallengerFest.net
  6. It was great to see some tuners out there supporting their customers directly at the track. Got to meet Curt from Dusterhoff Tuning in person and watch him work with a customer in his trailer office. Top secret so I can't tell ya about that Andy Wagner from EastCoastMoparts was there as usual supporting the event as well. I love living in the south, with all the changing seasons and the scenery that goes with that, but man I hate humidity. As soon as you step out of the AC it's immediate sweat fest and makes for a long day and Saturday was pretty brutal. If you could hide in the shade it wasn't too bad, but sitting in the car in the staging lanes was suffocating. I brought my fire jacket and jeans and all that and never wore them. I thought the risk of getting light headed or worse behind the wheel was greater than catching on fire. We were getting conflicts from the various apps about DA but the one I used said about 4000 most of the day. Dew point was near 70° and that's oppressive. I didn't do the TNT rental on Friday. I have some pretty good tuneups for the car and figured I had it covered. Reports were that the track had amazing prep all day during TNT. We dropped the car Friday afternoon and headed out to hang out at the dinner party sponsored by Vandrake Racing at DJ's Steakhouse and had a blast. We lucked out and it was within walking distance of our hotel. Saturday we got to the track at 8:30 to get a couple test passes in during the hour of time trials. First hit off the trailer 10.07 at 140. I planned to compete in the 10.00 Index so I was pretty happy with that. Then I shot myself in the foot by mucking with my tune and trying to put just a hair more power in down low to compensate for the rising temps. The next 3 passes I fought the track for traction, as did everyone else. Seemed the prep was a bit different than during the rental. Finally I pulled out some power and figured out the track just in time for 10.00 rounds. Ran a couple 10.0xs at 139 and was happy with those times considering the conditions. I've always said 10.00 in any conditions is my goal and I think I've met that. I'll noodle on what's next but maybe some suspension work to get my 60 foots outta the low 1.5s and go after the 9.50 class next. We loaded up about 7pm, grabbed some dinner, and drove back to middle TN. It was a long, but fun, day. I had a lot of questions about ChallengerFest and me and the gang are trying to put something together toward fall and it's looking positive, so stay tuned there. I've got some clips I'll put together, but for now here's getting the car ready to go the day before.
  7. I'd had the LMI intake on my Hellcat for 6 mos or so and it worked pretty good. Over time the extra noise from the supercharger started to wear on me and it was particularly loud at part throttle so I decided to try something different. I like the box design of the JLT and while it still has quite a bit more supercharger whine than the stock air box, it's not a loud as the LMI. Just what the Dr ordered.
  8. Agree. On one hand I read 1500 people die everyday from the flu and there's millions of cases so far in the 2019/2020 flu season and on the other I read that covid-19 attacks red blood cells, I don't know what to believe anymore but if the cure is worse than the disease and obliterates the economy what's the point?
  9. I've lived in middle TN my entire life and have never seen anything like this.
  10. Got out to test the new fuel system and it's working like a champ. Fuel pressure is up and fuel pump duty cycle is down. I need to work the 60' a bit and let this thing rip.
  11. Not bad for 67,00 population. I think we're more than that here in Nashville. We'll see how things go the next few weeks. The economy is gonna be the main victim I'm thinking.