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  1. Take a look and see if the bolts on the drive shaft are loose.
  2. From the album Challenger

  3. From the album Challenger

  4. From the album Challenger

  5. From the album Challenger

  6. From the album Challenger

  7. The old detroit reach around??
  8. I just received the Arrington fuel setup last week. It won't be installed for a few weeks but I'll be more than happy to give my opinion on it once it's in.
  9. I ran the NT05's last year in the 315 and had some of the same rub issues but usually only if there were people in all the seats. I'd consider going 295's but I'm in the same situation as Chuck. I'm not sure I would run the 555r's on the street where I live. I'm pretty concerned about the handling in rain.
  10. Just got back Monday from a cruise from Ft. Lauderdale through the Carribean on Navigator of the seas. It was great. Only gripes I have is having paid $300 for internet, and the douche bags in St.Kitts with the monkeys in diapers trying to convince me to get a picture taken for 10-20 bucks. (well and the fact that I was still working while on "vacation") Enjoy the cruise.