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  1. From the album Runner's misc stuff

    Scary Shit !
  2. From the album Runner's misc stuff

  3. I have Black Gorilla lugs on my black heitage wheels for coming up on 2 years. The pos 2 piece stock ones are in a bag where they will stay.
  4. .-^-. ?¿? .-^-. !!!¡¡¡¡!!!
  5. From the album Runner's misc stuff

    Keeping the Wife happy !
  6. From the album Runner's cars & stuff

    © R_K

  7. Well at least they put diapers on the monkeys now. You should have gone on the Catamaran Rum party cruise... http://www.tropicals...amaranparty.htm Best fucking time we had on our entire week long trip... !!!! My Wife had eveybody on the Cat floating shots of 151 on top of the frozen Rum punch they were serving. Then when we got to the Island for snorkeling, the Bro's running the boat started hitting the Bong on the beach. All I can say is "Holy fuck was the ride back a blast!!!"
  8. Ya that would make more sense than swapping out a 3.6... paint it Blackberry. Actually I saw Tony was selling this the other night and showed it to my wife, she smirked that she should buy it. Seeing as how Tony's old front Sway bar is under her car now.... she said the next logical step would be to buy the rest of the car. Fortunetly for all the other racers on the track... her purse is not up to the task. I hope shit works out and he decides to keep it. As to the topic here, I agree with nearly everyone else... If your hell bent to swap out a v6, don't dick around with a 5.7... go bigger! By the time your done getting it all done you'll have more $$ in it than buying a used SRT. And in some states like this one... you won't even be able to get the fucker inspected. Here in PA they have really clamped down on engine swaps for anything new on the grounds of emissions. 5.7 to 6.1 or 392 or stroked is a little easier to hide than..."Dude your VIN shows this is a v6... wtf is that monster!" It's not like the old days when no one cared if you slapped a hemi into a /6 Challenger. Now a days.... King Obama and his crazy EPA nuts care!
  9. From the album Runner's misc stuff

  10. From the album Runner's misc stuff

  11. I know this is old... but I agree. Marine Stabil is the ticket if you live in a 10% ethanol state. Regular red Stabil doesn't deal with the ethanol.
  12. From the album Runner's cars & stuff

    My 70 Road Runner... 440+6, 4spd, Super Track Pack, Post car It used to race in Stock Class as Mighty Mopar back in the 70's, Name has since been buffed off paint. Later as a bracket racer by the former owner & me for a bit, then I parked it for other interests. I took this pic the other day after pulling it out from of 20 years of storage. I finally towed it from my old home town to where I am now. Along with my 66 which is in front of it just out of frame. (sharp eyes might catch the corner of the bumper)

    © RKramer

  13. From the album Runner's cars & stuff

    I had this shirt back when I was a kid... My parents recently found it & sent it to me. And NO it does not still fit!!

    © RKramer

  14. From the album Runner's cars & stuff

    This is my 74 360 Challenger that as of yesterday is finally sitting in the same garage as my 66 Charger, 70 RR & Mopar'10

    © RKramer

  15. From the album Runner's cars & stuff

    Up on top is my 66 Charger (383 4sp) which I still have... poor thing sat outside for over 2 years a long time ago, and previous repaint faded to shit. This is to be my retirement project.... over the years I have picked up a ton of new oem & repo parts to put it back together again. (Including a new dash, grill, trim, trunk emblem and once upon a time nearly impossible to find oem tail light lens (now they repo them... go figure). And if you have ever seen the pretty rare rear spoiler resin repo's sold by Year One, it was my orig aluminum one that was used to make the mold, back in the 80's. On the bottom is my old 69 RR... my favorite of all time... but sold long ago At least the A12 6barrel set up, air cleaner, hood & Dana are in the basement awaiting a replacement car.... someday.

    © RKramer