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  1. I'm using the stock one. Call KB and ask them. Likely they'll quite their website information but it'll give you something to go on if you decide you want to upgrade the system.
  2. Nice looking. The website link is not working anymore. Looks like they're all sold out. Curious what they cost and what weight they are?
  3. I've got a Solo Mach X exhaust for sale. Catback for the 6.1. It's stored in BFNY in Ohio currently. $400 pick up or add for shipping. Let me know if it's a fit.
  4. Amazing work guys. That blows my mind how dialed the car is.
  5. I've got a brand new convertor for a TH400 in the box. I abandoned my conversion and never listed this yet. It's currently sitting in the trunk of the car at BFNY while Erik finishes working on it. ProTorque Revolution 30 spline. It's built tough for big horsepower. Also got a B&M StealthRatchet with the button. Matt
  6. Interesting. I didn't notice that on my upgrade? Of course the extra 250 rwhp over the 510 I already had may have something to do with that! Nice work Erik.
  7. Too much time on your hands bud!
  8. l Agreed. I think all of these guys making pulley kits are overcharging because they can.
  9. Don't know about the whitelines. My stock rubber mounts were ripped in many places. That's with about 5K on the car and only a few thousand of those miles supercharged. The solid cradles make so much difference it's incredible. I can feel what the car is doing in my ass now! wait for it....
  10. Ask Funkpolice if he still has a kit. He loaned it to me. You will really hate yourself for trying to do it with a sawzall. It's a PITA even with the proper press. Matt
  11. Sam, you'll be back in the saddle before you know it. The car looked good at AJ's. Matt
  12. I'm already in that position!
  13. Congrats! Now where is that going?
  14. Yep that's the problem. Bought them used so I never even thought about it till I was going in for the install. My misses had the kids and car so I was SNAFU. Guess I'll have to buy some. Any recommendations. Thick stuff isn't it?